My name is Arun Maini. I'm a 25 year old Economics student whose life's passion is Technology. I try to make videos that are to-the-point and as content-packed as possible, so if that sounds like your cup of tea, a sub would be massively appreciated! 🙏

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  1. Pranav Batra

    Beside me is my 10 year old sister scrolling instagram this is so sad

  2. Mrwhosetheboss▪️

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  3. gangster old guy

    Ive had these exact thoughts for a long time now and its reassuring that other people also do. These risks need to be brought up in schools so kids can be taught the true dangers of the internet, not just hackers or strangers and not to go to weird places on the interet.

  4. Pedro Sousa

    What. A. Video. Damn...

  5. NubNooblet

    The age of information -Lil B

  6. Manish D.

    Good Video man.

  7. Tamino

    Amazing video! I agree in every way.

  8. Ayodele Cuffy

    I agree with everything you said. At the same time, working from home just makes more sense for some or most corporate jobs where you type documents and do research.

  9. kamysamaa

    🤣....You don't say?!


    Hey Arun! Big Fan ! And this is the best video i have seen in Recent times. Kudos!

  11. Klara MLAT

    We are already in that part of the life. When the people that understand the gits of it are above most of us. Thecnology is as good or as bad as people make it. So the way facebook, instagram and whatsapp are made there is also a way to make truthful apps and websites. It would just make all the people that are on the top try and kill you if you try and make it and there is the dark web or deep net, which is just crazy as is right now. The point is. I think we all understand the feeling of it right now and kids after us are just faster and faster learners of everything, so something is up with that as well. Corona kids are crazy good and fast at growing.

  12. SAM rude

    Actually after watching this I only trust hard copies (not even soft version of hard copy) of information

  13. Kefalos

    Social media is public enemy #1. I only have youtube after giving up the rest. Never been happier.

  14. Digi- Money

    Alternative title: Arun speak facts

  15. Kumaran D

    Last few words were literally life changing to be true

    1. Mrwhosetheboss▪️

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  16. shaz helmi

    You are really brave for making this content. Respect

  17. The_Masked_Guy

    So basically Nike is better than Adidas is what this video is all about......hmm interesting🙂🙃

  18. B lojikal

    Truth has been spoken

  19. Alex V.

    Everything I've thinking about presented so well 👍

  20. Pranav Pujar

    Probably my most favorite video of yours. This is deep.

  21. ChronoMasterGaming

    This is how AI is destroying us, not through automated cyborgs or etc, but by making us so self centered, that we destroy each other over things that are just god damn stupid

  22. REMIX ED

    This is what now I don't like with ig because the only content I get is the same thing which is kinda boring not the random content

  23. Lokeshwaran V R

    Replace Nike and Adidas with the two main political parties in your country if you're in a democratic country.

  24. sahil Shah

    Finally someone has guts to speak about this

  25. The Playmaker MLBB

    19:56 this kinda reminds me of the anime Psycho-pass

  26. rajat kalbande

    People can enjoy only by posting what they see not about what they feel

  27. Emile Solberg-Johansen

    The thing that secures me a little is the concept of "basic human needs". These are things that every human needs, and that cannot be replaced by computers. This data revolution can't go on forever, and one day we will move on. That's, along with the fact that more and more people are getting aware of this problem, is what is giving me hope for the future.


    I use to be a social media person, but I don't fancy anymore. Is boring. I do spend lots of time gaming, but social media I don't use it almost at all. And with free time I rather get my self out of social media and stay away form phone.

  29. Lasen Senanayake

    Having this much verified accounts in the comment section agreeing shows how deep the problem is

  30. Jason

    3:01 fat cats 💀

  31. ReaperZ K

    Google is already doing this. Recent reports says

  32. Eric Marquez


  33. EasyPedia Tech

    I always thought of things like this. It feels good to know that I can relate to your thoughts. Thank you Arun. Glad that you made this video. I appreciate it and hope that we all make a better Earth together !💚

  34. Khalid Kassim

    The social media dilemma reminds me of the movie Se7en(1997) where the antagonist kills people with 7 deadly sins including himself when he loses to the sin "envy".

  35. ZayTM

    You hit the nail on the head! I just hope you don’t get cancel because people think your giving” false “ information

  36. sri hruthik mavuluru

    daniel alxander are you watching this?

  37. Ayimm Ali

    And this is when Mother Nature steps put us Humans into place!Reminding us who the real Boss here!😂😂😅

  38. Ankush Singha

    This video was worth the time.Thanks for making this video Arun. Make more videos like this so that we can just pause for a moment and think about the reality

  39. ghee roast

    me: what will there be robot for s**

  40. KJPR0GAM3R

    In real life i like hanging out with friends because we could play games or sports that you couldn’t do through FaceTime

  41. MaNNeRz Laguna

    Most of those tiny phones are for bum smuggling ....

  42. Lucky Shah

    1:27 Mrswhosetheboss 😂😂😂.

  43. i_smoke_ghosts

    been 7 years off fb and ig due to the issues youve highlighted. thanx man!

  44. Atharv Agarwal

    Really Interesting!!

  45. Aqua OP

    Sheeesh we have the same shoe taste

  46. Not Loki

    Japan is quite far ahead in terms impersonal interactions.

  47. Lonely appa

    Funny because this is a negative video

  48. Prakash Mishra

    Honestly, i would click on the positive video and i would ignore the negative video. (is it just me?)

  49. Tiago Barbosa

    You brought up lot of problems and no solutions. That’s just complaining really.

  50. sollic!tus

    I can't agree with this more. As someone that suffers from autism, anxiety, and depression, my therapist says that it has gotten a lot worse as I started using social media more. I got tired of feeling so negative all the time, and decided to distance myself from most of them (excluding HRaero, because i barely comment on it and it helps me sleep a lot better, since i usually only get 2-3 hours without it) and I've gotten so much better that I don't need antidepressants at all. It honestly drags so many people down and I completely blame it on the money-hungry companies

  51. Star gazer

    This video is sponsored by nike ಠ◡ಠ

  52. lotslotjk

    11:54 looks around my room

  53. Apex Ace

    Online shopping is not invincible because you actually have less reassurance that you're going to get what you want to buy online as opposed to shopping in person when you can look at a display model right in front of your face, and just point at the object and say "i want this thing right here"

  54. comment cat

    thats why i dont browse that. i watch things that can help me as a person

  55. Alex

    This video needs subtitles in every language!

  56. TJay Tayenjam

    Don't speak the harsh truth Arun 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 this is punching most of the viewers including me right on the face.

  57. Radioactive Gaming

    Finest moments artificially pumped up.

  58. skhalid

    I was thinking the same about social media for a few months and been seeing a lot of the same other places as well ...... oh wait 🧐 does that mean im stuck in my own echo chamber? 😲 will youtube only show me negative posts about social media now? damn it youtubeeee let me outttt!!!!

  59. Nerdy Geek

    It's time to live the Amish Paradise

  60. Mrwhoschar M

    Absolutely you are right bro

  61. A Miah

    Absolutely Incredible, thank you.

  62. Avtar Chodankar

    I have been watching this channels every video from more then 2 years and i very rarely comment.... But this video is very very well made.... It has all required details.... Its just perfect video to recommend to people.... Great Job.... Really amazed by this😍😍😍😍

  63. MACE - The Final Guard

    9 year olds tomorrow *CANCEL TECHNOLOGY* AAAAA

  64. Leo har

    i listen to audio books at 2x speed a lot and are a lot alone and when i speak with friends and family i get bored by how slow dei speak and get to the point. holden think of it like that before. i'm a little scared now

  65. Anubhav Sharma

    Interesting take Arun. But I feel that even if current world is moving against human contact it is improving the efficiency. Yes there will be chaos due to it but we need to adjust as this is indeed the path of evolution society chose for itself.

  66. Jeffrey Smith

    You nailed it!

  67. Charv

    Everyone should read a book named Inferno, by Dan Brown. It’s really quite horrifyingly fascinating what is happening to our planet.

  68. Gaddy Raj


  69. Bobby Roy

    That "Isolation" point hits home so hard! It's not that I don't have friends, but no matter whom I call and request a meeting just tell me, let's have a Whatsapp video call or an Instagram chat. It's "too tiring" to drive, come to have a coffee and talk in person. As sad as that makes me feel, that is the truth. Sad. Very sad indeed.

  70. Navaneeth S Sharma

    I didn't use mobile for about 3 hours.Thankyou😂

  71. Captain Feish

    I commented you for covering a topic like this there are a lot of people who need to realize this stuff but either don’t know or don’t care and would prefer to be ignorant about the new problems we face in society

  72. Harsh Gupta

    He Should be worried about his own future

  73. Oliver

    Brilliant, I thoroughly enjoyed this video!

  74. Mateo A

    Stoped watching when he said that scrolling through social media during 20 minutes is not doing something productive. And i get it, one thing is wasting time you must be doing your work for example, but if you're free you can do whatever you want. As a society we're condition to be productive 24/7 otherwise we're labeled as lazy. But that's not true, we need time to distract ourselves from our everyday activities. And if by watching recipes, make up tutorials or things you'll never do you distract yourself a bit, then you're not doing anything wrong

  75. Goatshaver

    If I could like this more than once I would. Spot on 100%. Great video!

  76. Neo VR