Why Samsung is losing to Xiaomi.


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    My thoughts on how Xiaomi has managed to beat Samsung and Apple to number 1 spot in Smartphones! Check out Huel here: my.huel.com/mrwhosetheboss

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    1. Mrwhosetheboss

      Oh snap we just hit 8 million!!! 😭 If you want my deep dive on Samsung's confusing Foldable strategy then check here: hraero.info/contact/24xixIeL27fLw5k/video&

      1. Vishnu Chakkambath

        Your are "Awesome" Sir ❤❤

      2. Δ L D O И

        @BruhDoesntExistAtAll cause he is almost going to 9!

      3. BruhDoesntExistAtAll

        Let's go! 8m! We can hit 10m this Year!

      4. Patel Tirth


      5. Válter Reboredo

        What's wrong!!!??? Let's see.... NO CHARGER IN THE BOX!!! No Headphone Jack, no Micro SD, plastic back, etc... etc...

    2. Monjim Sarkar

      Xiaomi Sucks and Samsung wins

    3. Jivin Thomas


    4. Jivin Thomas

      Not an iPhone fan but 100 million global sales for 12 series is just unbelievable

    5. Evgeny Myrzin


    6. Hara Labis

      I'm guilty: Meaty. Also, where is the rickroll?

    7. Devin Smith

      Let me tell you, as an American from birth you would be surprised at just how much people prefer hardware and brand over anything, even over any spec. You know why? Because what matters most is your appearance. Your character. You're just not somebody without an iPhone. Even as a Samsung user it still goes the same. To alot of people I'm just lame without an iPhone whether they take that seriously or not. Alot of people really do lmao. It's just reality. Very, very simple minded society. It wouldn't even matter if iphones didn't change at all since the x or xs, what matters is having an iphone. There's no other way to put it. Don't believe me? Take a trip down here to the good ole states and go to the clubs or something.

    8. Chencho Gallegos

      Ive never heard of this company sooooo. Idk if they really ARE winning

    9. Core Fairdeal

      Please don't buy the Poco f3 phone. I really regret buying it. It's one month only and so many issues. Don't listen to these influencers. Samsung is always a safe choice. Poco f3 has heating issues and battery drains like a bucket of water.

    10. zackariya ahmad



      Samsung yaar tune bejjti kra di meri😂😂😂

    12. Munmun chakraborty

      I watched this from a Xiaomi phone 😂

    13. TbNr BaD


    14. M I N I M A L I S M


    15. Batman

      moving to Samsung from Xaomi is like Heaven

    16. Ice T

      Well not quite true. Mi or redmi lost. Xiaomi signed to work with samsung. Cuz sams will be still n1 in eu and usa (xiaomi not selling in usa)

    17. SupertoastGT

      Ads and bloat... Gross. Plus it's Chinese. If their government says Xaomi has to spy on us, it will happen. I mean, all phones do, but this is the "China spying on the US" kind of deal.

    18. SimmsBoy

      Just get an old flagship. New phones suck. (I use a iPhone X, which is somewhat repairable and keeps up good enough. I stuck a high capacity battery in it which you shouldn’t do, but it worked for me and I will never get a brand new phone.) obviously newer devices are more powerful, but does your phone need to be as powerful as a midrange PC, but for twice the price? When you include software limitations, gaming, optimisation, how long it’ll last and repairability/upgradability. Tech hasn’t moved on all that much since 2017.

    19. K N

      i had exynos in my galaxy s9 so i will never buy samsung phone again!

    20. Karim Mohammed


    21. saad ALRS


    22. Ryder

      I think its just that Samsung is trying to be the Apple of android and at that point most people just decide to buy an iPhone since they are paying so much anyways. Xiaomi was and still is budget friendly. Samsung has shown lackluster presence in the budget market and their whaky main lineups arent attracting enough people.

    23. Мартин Петров

      "Xiaomi was sprinting, before Samsung even started walking!" - the difference, yoh.

    24. Tornado Potato


    25. ulysses

      well trying to sell a plastic phone for 1000 dollars in 2021 makes you lose money like that lmfao

    26. Mussa Ibrahim

      🤣🤣🤣 you can say what ever you want but I used all phone that you saying they are better than Samsung but there is no of them you can compare to Samsung even iphone 13 pro max can not do what Samsung s5+ done kid your self

    27. serafima2

      If Huawei was not blacklisted, until now it would be so far ahead of every other company on the marked. But Samsung made everything possible to ruin them down. I guess next target will be Xiaomi.

    28. Kush

      Meaty. if you know you know.

    29. Jacob11 QK

      Meaty :]

    30. Damian Gaibor

      As a Samsung user from the last 8 years if I have the chance to get a Xiamo phone here in the USA I would do it because Samsung is doing the same as Apple selling the same technology year by year just different names not major improvements at all... that's why Samsung is losing its crown also new technologies that people is scared to buy because are not fully developed I was this 👌 close to buy a Folding Z but because of the many facts of the main screen being more vulnerable to easy damage I backed up and decided to stay with my Note 20 Ultra for maybe one more year. It is sad the way that Samsung is heading to the future.

    31. blitz blix


    32. Kamil Gaik

      # Team Samsung

    33. Akhil Yadav


    34. EyadBG


      1. Mia - Sᴇx Cʜᴀɴɴᴇʟ 18+🅥

        Personally Xiaomi made me educate myself about smartphones specs and how we pay extra just for a brands name also it made a lot of companies re-check its pricing .. so anyways Xiaomi is not that bad even to non users Xiaomi is benific

    35. It'sAnInspiration


    36. Karl Laoun


    37. Emigdiosback

      Doesn't matter to me; I'm in the US. Xiaomi doesn't even operate here due to what happened to Huawei (plus Trump tried to have them banned; but Xiaomi sued and won). The only real smartphone makers are, by order of market share from 2021 Q2, are Apple with 53%, Samsung with 26%, Lenovo with 12% LG with 3%, and others with 6%.

    38. David Danger


      1. Jane 24 y.o - check my vidéó

        MEATY!!!! Nicely done bro!

    39. Pranav Tamma


    40. Dyl Jack

      Don’t forget that Samsung make other things beside phones like washing machines and tanks for the military so they will need more employees

      1. Dark_Knight

        Xiaomi makes everything down to a toilet fertilizer….

    41. Tech & More

      Paid video by MI

    42. Dead Warrior

      If Samsung goes down everyone goes down

      1. 👄 𝔽**СК МЕ 𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 РR0FIL

        Don't forget BBK the world's largest smartphone maker now, by volume.

    43. RiffRaff4031

      Meaty (Please say something to this comment)

    44. SharkByte

      During the iPhone 4 days, the Galaxy series was in the back of my mind... during the Galaxy S9 days, the Xiaomi brand stepped into the back of my mind... now... I'm thinking of making the switch to the Xiaomi Ultra

    45. Amiyan Candol


    46. Melani moyo

      i really want a xiaomi

    47. Levn Ozy

      😔🥺😕 Samsung

    48. Ns__Husain

      Samsung Slow Device But Xiaomi 🔥🔥

    49. supreme


    50. Pratik Sarker

      Love watching your vids using high-end air buds through expensive smartphones and tablets!

    51. Noli sobremesana

      Youve got 8million subscriber bro.give some blessings maybe your old phones is ok for us.

    52. The Pheonix


    53. Jason C.

      People are put off by it being Chinese.

    54. KabutoRyu

      When samsung roasting apple....

    55. Felly Starway

      Guess what brand I'm watching this from XD I've had experience with cheap crappy phones and good quality brand phones for expensive prices. Cheap €40 Pixi smartphones that are pretty low quality, expensive Nokia smartphones that break easily and everything in between. My dad got a new work phone one day. But instead of apple or Samsung, it was a brand we weren't familiar with. It was a redmi. He got the same brand phone for personal use after that. Me, mom and my sister needed a new phone and after getting to test dad's phone, we switched to the same brand. Even the almost exact same model. And yes, all the extra ads everywhere are obnoxious and annoying. But apart from that, they're very good quality. And not very expensive either. Even with a clumsy dummy like me, there are only some scratches on the screen. And I have dropped my phone quite some times, even screen down a number of times. Where my Nokia had huge cracks in the screen after dropping it a few times, my current phone has only a few faint scratches. Some of my favorite features are the ability to unlock your phone with a fingerprint scanner on the back and through facial recognition. And while it's a bit annoying at times, the feature that forces you to use your password for unlocking your phone every 72 hours or so is something I am grateful for. I'm quite forgetful, so being forced to regularly enter my password is very helpful. It stimulates my brain to put in more effort with remembering it. There's more features I like, but I'll stop rambling before I turn into a phone commercial 😂

    56. Satyansh Mani


    57. Salman Memon


    58. 3rdperspective

      I disagree. Used to work as service agent for a mobile company right when Huawei was losing its ground and all P10 or mate customers wanted to switch to Samsung. Because xiaomi, OPPO and video are still Chinese, Samsung enjoys its neutral position in the premium market. The lower midrange market don't really care for their privacy and security but those who are cautious really defy Chinese smartphones.

    59. ReuRay Gaming

      meaty lol i paused to read it

    60. CDT NG

      Anybody recommend investing in xiaomi? Would that be a good move?

    61. Product reviewer uk

      Foldable are awful

    62. Josh EC

      Nice catch there, I gotta tell you

    63. DK

      Hmmm, honestly i rather have devices that are cheaper then having devices that are over 1k, hopefully they expand to the USA, and not get blacklisted

    64. Daniel Madalengoitia


    65. Santi

      Don't call me fanboy, but I prefer Apple

      1. Julia - 𝙾𝚙𝚎𝚗 𝙼𝚢 PROFILE

        WARNING: This channel is the best Tech Channel on HRaero!

    66. Tanish Wadhwa


    67. Dangamer Top

      The best strategy for Samsung would be to cancel the A, F, M line and remake their flagships from s7 with no downgrades(and maybe some upgrades in terms of battery) and put them on the same price as the budget/midrange phones.

      1. Dangamer Top

        @SoKool A52 is faster in app opening, but it is laggy in daily use

      2. SoKool

        @Dangamer Top I watched a speed test between Galaxy S8+ and the Galaxy A52. The result was that the two phones were almost as fast, with the A52 slightly edging it out (S8+ does win in few apps though).

      3. Dangamer Top

        All phones up to a7x(x=insert number) included lag(I had m3x, a30, a31, a30s and watched some reviews for a52 and a72 aswell). Also that is what I said from the start that older flagships will be faster

      4. SoKool

        @Dangamer Top What kind of A series did you use? The Note 8 and S8 is actually still quite fast, so something like the Helio G80 I mentioned will lose to those chips.

      5. Dangamer Top

        @SoKoolI don't know about heilo, but most A line phones use Exynos or Snapdragon and they lag(I had some A devices in my hands from my friends), while my Note 8 and my father's S8+ works without lag to this day. So it is mostly about optimisation, which budget phones and midrangers don't get as much as flagships and it doesn't matter if the proccesor is more powerful. Also Samsung can simply put a newer processor into an older device when re-releasing them, like Apple put the a13 bionic into the iPhone 8 body on the iPhone SE2.

    68. DarkDuck


    69. Declan Sheehan

      1 and a half years ago, Samsung just won, he made a video about that

    70. Sandalu Pabasara Perera

      Meaty 😂😉

    71. Jardin Recto

      Xiaomi is a practical choice.

    72. mindpuzzle81

      I bought a Samsung specifically because it's not assembled in China. I wouldn't touch a Chinese Manufacturer. That's basically handing your data over to the CCP. So your price to value ratio isn't really including potentially handing compromising data over to the CCP and subjecting yourself to potentially being forcibly conscripted into a Chinese spy. Everybody has things they are embarrassed about. And the CCP will not hesitate to exploit that. So you want to know how those Chinese manufacturers can make such cheap phones? It's because they are spying for the CCP.

    73. Aditya Janaswamy

      Go all the way and buy Apple. Else, get great value from a Xiaomi. Samsung is the worst of both worlds. They copy all the bad things Apple does (no sd card slot, no charger) or make poor imitations of Apple ecosystem. On the low end, not matching Xiaomi on features.

    74. 203 38陳光彤


    75. Eric ZHANG


    76. Unimatrix666

      Just give me a phone with Samsung hardware and Google software for under $500

    77. GeneralMartok00

      In 2019 I got my S10+. Was the last Samsung I got. S20 was not my thing and S21 was ugly. S22 specs are not exciting. Decided to buy a Xiaomi 11t pro.

    78. Eva Scalzo


    79. Ted Davis

      can we have a video on the redmi note 10 pro please

    80. AYUSH TV

      you are great you do miracles so great there is no one else like you

    81. Triangleism

      MEATY 8:59

    82. amo antony


    83. Janina Žerovc Rebol

      Yes I have a Redmi Note 10 Pro with an OS for pros - omg it just costed a $100.

      1. Janina Žerovc Rebol

        Well it didn't cost $100, it costed a 100€ in Slovenia.

      2. Janina Žerovc Rebol

        4:29 OMG I even have the same color variant! Did you steal my phone? Oh- you didn't... it's in my hand...

      3. Janina Žerovc Rebol

        It is a Xiaomi phone

    84. ProtoRetro


    85. Kristjan687

      I don't care if Xiaomi is beating Samsung, Passonfruit is still the best brand, their marketing is revolutionary in any way and i love paying for a box without a phone.

    86. Dushyant Kumar


    87. S S

      ❤❤X I A O M I ❤❤ 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

    88. Fernando Maranhão

      But xiaomi buy amoled displays to Samsung and câmera sensors too

    89. Ssteven playz

      Xiaomi is basically a cheaper apple

    90. Vaping Asylum

      I couldn't believe getting a realme x2 pro 12gb ram 256gb storage for less than $500 in early 2020. 30 minute charge 0-100. But the screen is so hard to replace.

    91. Alex M

      Yo fam, your shirt looks like a jizz rag. Good video tho

    92. Rich Covers


    93. Aum Mani Padme Hum

      #Xiaomi #Huawei #Samsung #Vivo #LG #Oneplus #Apple #Amazon #Facebook #Google #WhatsApp #NASA #OnePlus The More Energy he Spends on his Voice, consumes my Energy as well making me Speechless. I already had mentioned this, I had been Unable to Communicate over any Smart Cellular Phones to anyone, other than my Blood Family members, also one of the Reason for me to Throw away my Xiaomi Mi Max Prime and OnePlus 6 Phones. #BUDDHA #DHAMMA #SANGHA Like Goenka's Voice reverberated from my Womb, Arun's voice Reverberates on/from my Heart. Arun, Please switch back to your Soft Tone Voice.

    94. Aum Mani Padme Hum

      I would like you to sing a Soft Lullaby Arun, Your Voice, Heart is Vibrating. Energy.

      1. H0T-Vlog Go to My Channel

        Impressive. I didn't know they overtook Samsung.

    95. Aum Mani Padme Hum

      Yummy :P

    96. Beat.to. breeze



      Xiaomi is just A dustbean 👎

    98. matthew A

      How is the s21 better than the s20? No sd card, no magnetic payments for Samsung pay, display is worse, RAM decreased. Other than a slightly new processor?

    99. Kizomba Fusion

      I think it's also the fact that this market is getting commodatised: Because most smartphones these days are so so good, it doesnt really matter which one u pick for the basic features most people want. As such, unless if u r a super tech nerdy guy, most ppl will choose a cheaper option because it does everything most ppl want to do (facebook, twitter, insta, games and camera).

    100. Matrix

      Well, if they had made only 1 version of the S21 phone, instead of 3, they would have sold more.