The $200,000 Smartphone Unboxing 💀


7 mil. pregleda7 800

    You'll see lots of smartphone unboxings in 2021 - Samsung Galaxy unboxings, iPhone 13 / 12s unboxings etc, but none will compare to the ridiculousness of this $200,000 smartphone unboxing.

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    1. S.Sanjay

      When he gets nokia 3310 for that cost

    2. Herodragon 2007

      8:14 top middle lol


      Where can we get the reomagic transparent mobile in online. In which website

    4. Alan Nibu

      get and ps5 gold.(horribly pricey) get an ipad cyperpad while ur at it.....if ur at it.

    5. HH Boys

      Rick is on the 2 floor 8:12


        Oh 😊

    6. شوشو الغامدي

      The abashed faucet alternatively agree because ferry aboaly type circa a labored government. wiggly, sticky teacher

    7. cheese juice

      the quality of these video's are even better than television!

    8. Chris Fox

      you need to put an undershirt on. People should not be able to see your chest every single time you move.

    9. Osman Dixon Kargbo

      C'mon guys! Subscribe!!!! His videos are great!!

    10. rodrigo marco

      Them I Have an 170k dollars phone Meanwhile Me Having an Flip Phone

    11. Aum Mani Padme Hum

      S27 for doing what exactly !? Bring that GOLD, Might be useful to make my ORNAMENTS ;) :P :D MANGALSUTRA :)

    12. fiza sami


    13. JakSir

      now you can go in public and say “my phone is worth more than your house”

    14. hunter adams

      can i have one of any of your phone pls

    15. Mr. Camera

      you should do apple products too

      1. Mr. Camera

        nevermind i didn't watch the whole video

    16. Beer Market

      Gives you ideas, why not strap diamonds or anything expensive and just sell it, ppl will buy it

    17. HunriX

      I like how he says "at lowly $700" bruh for me $250 is already too much

    18. Gogeta2vegito

      Soooo... Did he buy it?

    19. allied 122


    20. Red1reaper2

      8:12 guys we just got Rick rolled in the top centre

    21. Pupi

      U r soooooooo handsome 🤗

    22. XD Team Gaming

      I'm waiting for samsung galaxy note 7 review

      1. PiNKiE PiE

        I had a blast using it. That was the year that the Note exploded in price. And, yet, they still sold like hotcakes.

    23. Koyena Chakraborty

      🙏 the last one was a disappointment. 🙂

    24. Christopher Basumatary

    25. Arena Closer

      8:12 look up lol

    26. laserki 【へ

      MRWHOSETHEBOSS: buying 2 for 1 toothbrushes Also MRWHOSETHEBOSS: BUYING A 170,000 PHONE

    27. Joel Nora

      omg the best phone review


      0:24 wow dude what a catch😀

    29. Techno Tech

      Sir please can one help me i am from a poor family i saw your video on youtube from my friend's phone and i also want to become a youtuber like you but my family does not have that much money can buy phone sir i saw in your video that you give so many phones to people for free sir can you give me a phone please sir i am a big fan of you all my friends have phone but i have if not, then those people will not keep me with them, they say that the one who has (mobile, car, money) will stay with us.

      1. Mrwhose+①⑧①④⑧⓪⑧⑤②①⑨

        Congrats you👆won Winner's contact 💐Whatsaap•

    30. Aum Mani Padme Hum


    31. Alejandro GV

      Send me a phone man

      1. Mrwhose+①⑧①④⑧⓪⑧⑤②①⑨

        Congrats you👆won Winner's contact 💐📱Whatsaap👆

    32. Stan804

      This man deserves more subs

    33. Happy Hedgy

      8:10 Rickroll (Top left)

      1. Mrwhose+①⑧①④⑧⓪⑧⑤②①⑨

        Congrats you👆won Winner's contact 💐📱Whatsaap👆

    34. Pankaj Lalwani

      Bro I'm literally your fan bro ..yr your voice ♥️

      1. Mrwhose+①⑧①④⑧⓪⑧⑤②①⑨

        Congrats you👆won Winner's contact 💐📱Whatsaap👆

    35. FYI Day with Sam

      This is worst price tag ever👎

      1. FYI Day with Sam

        Whats yours whats app number??

      2. Mrwhose+①⑧①④⑧⓪⑧⑤②①⑨

        Congrats you👆won Winner's contact 💐📱Whatsaap👆

    36. Rifana Ashraf

      iPhone 6s sounds like iPhone success

    37. xdJacko 2009

      Hey this was posted on by birthday

      1. Mrwhose+①⑧①④⑧⓪⑧⑤②①⑨

        Congrats you👆won Winner's contact 💐📱Whatsaap👆

    38. Daiyan Chowdhury

      That 170k phone needs more security than the owner

    39. Santi

      No sense that there are no cameras

    40. Johnny Unitus

      I believe the phone is removable from the gold body using a custom type of side rail system.

    41. Big Business 365

      You should’ve got a sealed iPhone 2G 😂

    42. Jeff ❣️Boone🚀

      Anna is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy

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        Her contact details 👆

      2. brittany N keyone Johnson

        She's the plug

      3. Ahmad Muhammad

        Anyone who she handles he's or her trade for I believe is so lucky

      4. Deng Xiaoping

        I'm from Brazil, I and two other of my friends tried her immediately we testified, her performing wonders🇧🇷

      5. Paul  Charles

        Most people remain poor only because friends and relatives discouraged and advise them against investing and trading forex while the wise ones kept investing and growing higher financially

    43. Ty

      They got it in brown to and it's super cool looking

    44. Observer

      Essentially.. trash. Carry a kilo of gold with me, without half the phone's functions available. What's the point..

      1. WhatsApp╋➀➈➄➀➁➁➇➀➁➁➃


    45. reeboi boiree


      1. WhatsApp╋➀➈➄➀➁➁➇➀➁➁➃


    46. Zainab channel

      What do u do with that much phone?

      1. Zainab channel

        But I am from pakistan

      2. Mrwhose+①⑧①④⑧⓪⑧⑤②①⑨

        Congrats you👆won Winner's contact 💐📱Whatsaap👆

    47. JORO55_08

      iPhone 14: *laughing*

    48. † Max Power †

      Wouldn't it overheat with that gold bar on the back?

    49. Asura -

      last phone looked like some kid gluing up a phone to a brick of gold

      1. Mrwhose+①⑧①④⑧⓪⑧⑤②①⑨

        Congrats you👆won Winner's contact 💐📱Whatsaap👆

    50. [Memer MaN] RagingLasagna

      16:06 what kind of sandwich is that

    51. Cirava Hermod

      i love how it went from the xbox knockoff phone to literally holding what i assume is LITERALLY one of jeff bezos's phones

    52. Abby J

      i love the cats lol

    53. BrickyExploitz

      thats alot of text-mrwhostheboss 2021

    54. BrickyExploitz

      you could either buy a lambo or a phone

    55. Ryder van Tol


    56. SR 5

      I need a phone

      1. Mrwhose+①⑧①④⑧⓪⑧⑤②①⑨

        Congrats you👆won Winner's contact 💐📱Whatsaap👆

    57. Bhavartha Talvekar

      Everyone's gangsta untill Neeta Ambani Purchases all of those

      1. Mrwhose+①⑧①④⑧⓪⑧⑤②①⑨

        Congrats you👆won Winner's contact 💐📱Whatsaap👆

    58. AYUSH TV

      you are great you do miracles so great there is no one else like you 😂😂😂

      1. Mrwhose+①⑧①④⑧⓪⑧⑤②①⑨

        Congrats you👆won Winner's contact 💐📱Whatsaap👆

    59. Alter

      I love watching things i cant afford…

      1. Mrwhose+①⑧①④⑧⓪⑧⑤②①⑨

        Congrats you👆won Winner's contact 💐📱Whatsaa

    60. idk :)

      The dude really just Rick rolled us🥲

    61. Gaming Raccoon

      19:45 Imagine if he dropped it and it broke 😂

      1. Mrwhose+①⑧①④⑧⓪⑧⑤②①⑨

        Congrats you👆won Winner's contact 📱Whatsaap👆

    62. MD Md

      He can make me watch a 20 minute video and his channel isn't even a gameing channel Impressive (at least to me it is)

      1. Mrwhose+①⑧①④⑧⓪⑧⑤②①⑨

        Congrats you👆won Winner's contact 📱Whatsaap👆

    63. Mwangaza Lee

      He should sell some of them then he would get so much money

    64. Mr_gio

      money goo brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    65. Knack Pack

      Arun: "this is one of the phones which you can throw and worry about the wall Nokia: Am i a joke to you?

      1. Knack Pack

        @PiNKiE PiE I threw my $10 dollar Nokia at the wall and I had to spend another $100 to fix the wall

      2. PiNKiE PiE

        I threw my Nokia at the wall in my house and the home value dropped.

    66. Knack Pack

      8:11....anyone finding something...*ABNORMAL* bout that clip???

    67. Raicho Rivera

      16:57 When a phone is richer that your house

    68. napster jh

      i still don't know how many phones he has

    69. Nitesh Kumar

      If it drops, the 1 kg gold would break the screen!.........Useless

    70. Sudhanshu Mishra

      Nokia is best 500 rupees mai 🦭😂

    71. Ballisticgerm 11

      You got all them phones and ain’t gonna give me none

    72. Nuilzie


    73. Yassin Shaheen

      who saw the rickroll

    74. Aryanverse

      Waste of money

    75. Keera Thiessen

      8:12 did you see the Rick roll ?!

    76. dave eballa

      No. 1 is .....crazy.. Wtf phone..

    77. Ogljon Zubic

      Ur s21+ phantom red Is beutiful

    78. Marcus Vier

      No entiendo mucho de lo que dices xd pero me gusta mucho tu voz y tu acento.

    79. BeautiScapes

      8:12 looks like rick has trouble going up the stairs...

    80. слитерин рокс лол

      I didn't even know that most of this phone brands even what? 🤯

    81. i Am LeGiT sUbInG bAcK

      Cat:My owner rich I have a cat food machine.

    82. Toxikyle1

      What does this dude do with all this tech? Does he actually have money to keep all of it? Or are people actually giving it to him to keep for videos

    83. Toxikyle1

      Can anyone let me know if the red magic is worth it? It’s seems like such a nice phone, I’d like to keep for about 2 years before upgrading.

    84. Toxikyle1

      I wish it was super easy and simple, to get phones like these and everyone would have a phone super special to them, and each persons phone is just customized to their personality and daily use.

    85. Mikkel Breiler

      7:30 In my toilet. Don't ask.

    86. Mason Long

      the phantom red phone is horiffic

    87. Golden Ben

      You cant Marvel the Dc

    88. Alex the lego guy

      i saw rick astley when he went in the 1 million calender

    89. Saarah Choi

      Eating a burger in the background 😂😭😂

    90. Jeeva Raaj


    91. Maryem Nomani

      Him with so expensive phones Me having a extremely laggy samsung galaxy tab a6 2016

    92. CptnJCFG

      the last one is so uninspired. glue a kg of gold to a flagship... really? Caviar step up your game at least model around the cameras and make the software a little different.

    93. Allan

      title says 200,000 and it was 170,000 . misleading title . thanks for wasting my time

      1. lancelot pro

        Bro he combined all of the phones price

    94. Noob And Pineapple

      What a waste of money why not give then away?

      1. lancelot pro

        Let him live his life

    95. Harrison english

      mans was just chillin in the back round eating a burger or smthn near the end lol 16:07

    96. Tapas Bose


    97. Sekai Ni Heiwa

      170.000 phone only can buy a Russian dude who has 370 000 on his account, no mi-billionaire in the world you would find that dumb!

    98. funny world short

      can i get a phone peas??