Dear Apple.


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    Dear Apple, here is what everyone wants on future iPhones! (iPhone 13, iPhone 14 etc) 👌
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    1. Mrwhosetheboss

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      1. Sophia V

        Guys its easier to just comment when you want to say something imposrtant

      2. Conservator

        @General squirrel Apple already uses an USB-C port for many devices. The proposal is to make it mandatory if the EU in 2024 so that will give Apple and others enough time.

      3. STK D

        Commenting in every possible video to hopefully win iphone 13 pro in the giveaway!

      4. General squirrel

        The european union wants a standard charger port and they choose usb-c so if that law passes then apple needs to add it on it.

      5. Mohammadullah Subhani

        Bro I need an iPhone 12 would you send me one you have alot

    2. LuckyNate

      I really like the iPhone 12 and 13 design, it reminds me of the good old iPhones, and it doesn't feel bad at all, idk what are you on about.

    3. Dangamer Top

      Just make 2 versions of an iPhone - one normal and one on Android with type-c, bezzel instead of Notch, fingerprint scanner and headphone jack.

    4. Liam Hill

      I agree except the square edges. I really like the square edges.

    5. KiLLJOY

      Heres the thing, I can buy an old iphone for $300 (iPhone X in 2021) and it will be 100x better than a $300 android, but if i had the money to afford the ROG Phone 5 Ultimate, it would be a No Brainer as to if I would switch. I think this is the case for most.

    6. Memes n Shet

      It would be great if they implemented the usbc on iphones but the part of the argument saying that they should do it bc of cable clutter seems a bit much. The cable and the brick only weigh so much and take so much space,unless you're carrying lots and lots of cables for some reason it doesn't make a real difference in that regard

    7. Memes n Shet

      I mean you can buy one of those icon apps,they install profiles and you can change the icons however you want

    8. Kyce Essadki

      tbh i kind of like the new straight sides

    9. Tushar Gupta

      I strongly disagree with your price point. I agree that phones are really important and an integral part of everyones life but that doesn't mean that you can charge extra. Consider your toothbrush, it is important to eat you healthy, but that doesntean that you can charge extra because it is an important tool that we use in our lives. Phones should be cheap because they are built at a very cheap price compared to what companies sell it for. It is ok if they take little profit per phone eg. Xiaomi, but if you are taking close to 100 percent profit and not giving essential rights leader ke right to repair then that is an issue.. cough cough....Apple.

    10. Headshot gaming

      So basically, he’s asking apple to copy android 😹

    11. The Escanor

      The more n more i m watching the vdos whether i should go for android or ios... The more i m getting stucked in the choices of picking one.. 🤐🤐🤐

    12. Ema Carvalho

      Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!! You’re an Army!!!!!!!! I’m an Army too!!!!

    13. Casey Roberts

      To sum up: You can't please everyone.

    14. Dyzm

      1st number must be charger in the pack

    15. Jontheartist

      7:00 yeah we went on a really long road trip a while ago and I was customizing all my apps and it took me the WHOLE DAY OF DRIVING to finish

    16. Phantom SSJ

      I would be happy if I could minimize HRaero and do something else lol.

    17. Rajat Kale

      How did the apps fall the way he tilted the phone where he told the customization part

    18. Nigel Yong

      Love the production values, the extra hand, the dropping the phones into the video, (how does he do it without it dropping and crashing to the floor?)

    19. jason bober


    20. abusubi

      6 Swift Key

    21. JustACoolZeldaFan

      I love the phones and gadgets but, I’m an iPad/tablet person. Maybe make 1 or 2 iPad/tablet video? Thanks for reading!

    22. Vlados Johnson

      Oh no, mrwhostheboss is a nose masker

    23. Zuabir Islam

      iOS have very less features compared to android.

    24. STRYKER X

      This dude always manages to Rick roll us😂😂😂 9:08

    25. _ predebut _

      i agree on almost everything except fun cameras. that wasn't it.

    26. Gold

      Missing : - dash charging - Finger print sensor on the back or side - right to repair

    27. Liam Western

      Yes price i live in barbados and a iphone 11 64g is $1900

    28. Santi

      Easiest phone to use

    29. Korla Korla

      I just hate how no one is talking about storage. The base storage starts at 64 GB for fuck sake.

    30. Sreejith Menon

      Dude what about the main two points 1) in android I can use the phone with one hand one finger. A swipe up from the bottom left or right is previous page and swipe up from center is home. In iphone this cannot be done as I have to reach to top left corner to click the back button. So iphone cannot be used one hand one finger.. 2) No slots for dual sim.

    31. Denise Nunya

      Speaking of Siri, my Siri doesn’t even know he’s in an iPhone! I ask him how do I do something simple “on this phone” (or even when I say on this iPhone 11 Pro Max) and instead of just telling me he sends me to Google and gives me the info on how to do that thing on an android for god sake! Siri used to be able to answer simple questions what the hell happened? I’m paying $1000 for this damn phone and it doesn’t even know it’s an iPhone! If I had known how useless Siri had become I would not have ordered this phone two months ago. I’ve only made one payment on it but it’s beyond the return date. I would rather go with the 7+ I used to have than this thing that can’t even dictate two sentences without getting 90% of words wrong! I’ve had an iPhone since the first generation, which I still have and it still works! And since I have not updated the software in years it can still answer questions!!!!!!!

    32. Memes Does Games

      14:18 my iPhone battery just notified me lol

    33. Syed Wasif Ahmed

      Agree with you on 10/10

    34. Syed Wasif Ahmed

      Great content, thanks

    35. Agent RedShirt

      One of my biggest gripes on apple, was downloading things from the store on something besides wifi. You cant update the phone if you arent on wifi, even tho now with 5G, is actually faster than my home wifi. I have unlimited data. I dont need Apple to say 'This is over 100MB, come back when you are on Wifi"

    36. Sayer Mowat Archive Channel

      What's the lockscreen at 4:22 cos I need that in my life

    37. AYUSH TV

      you are great you do miracles so great there is no one else like you

    38. 100k

      imagine if apple watches this video

    39. Danny Fairburn

      People complaining about usb-c not on an iPhone 🤦‍♂️ wired world and I can charge my iPhone anywhere with 1 lead

      1. Linas


    40. Bella A

      bro just use android

    41. Sophia V


    42. _-Green-_-Ghost -_-Wolf-_

      How 3:22 app pls

    43. Jakub Jaček

      so... im a classic guy im not gona biy the new apple phoenes cause of camera size and stupid no button with the button i hate the fact that the tab with the wifi sound etc is coming from top and what chamge id like to do is ad sharp edges to the se that would be awesome nicest modern phone apple has made + you can see the % just buy a notmal phone like 2020 se or anything below x

    44. A Zelenovic

      Basically iphone is for simple people... android is for creative people lol

    45. Michał Siwek

      I like the video, but it’s funny how just about every absent thing which you would like to see in an iPhone is a reason why I prefer iPhones over other phones 😀

    46. Wasif Sarwer

      *Arun:* BATTERY SUX MATE! *Apple:* K, we hear you... *_iPhone13 Pro Max 10 hour battery life_*

    47. Osman Uddin

      In iphone serise. Only I'm used But I convert my brain to one plus .and # pixel??

    48. space gamer

      im using a 6 s iphone rn

    49. Google Account

      Apple and Google is nothing Google is sometimes not nothing destroy evil Apple 🍏

    50. Google Account

      No privacy

    51. Google Account

      Comedy moment of iphone as a plate starts at 1:35 and ends at 1:42 cat 🐈 it is like food on a iphone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈

    52. Md aetesam uddin

      He wants apple to install android in it!!!!!!

    53. JacobDOEStuff

      Something I would really like/need is that I wanna upload videos of me playing music. I would like a metronome and the only one I usually have is on my phone which I would use to record. Make camera able to be used simultaneously with other apps like videos can.

    54. R

      unfortunately Steve jobs is not with us anymore. leaving the Face ID only in 2021 is unforgiven to me, Its slow and let me watch my phone when I don't have to and with the mask its not working. this is ignoring what's going on in the world in the past 2y with the covid.

    55. Leprechaun

      5:18 TEEEEMOOOOO!!

    56. mimrora

      I miss the finger print scanner! The swiping up on the lock screen is annoying

    57. Zeina Alkilany

      yes please dear apple

    58. Tatsam Raipure

      So Apple actually fixed the battery thing which was the number 1 thing in this video with iphone 13 lineup. Let's hope that they address other issues too.

    59. Vawra

      It’s 1AM for me right now

    60. Muniba Shakeel

      14:08 he has 50k emails

    61. Etrax

      13:51 ......ehmm....i can...

    62. Fishy Finn

      what if apple just made it so you can choose between lightning and usb c

      1. Linas

        No, just make it universal

    63. Mi gi

      Apple is the phone that removes features. Made for people that can't think for themselves with child like gestures and find the back button game.

    64. Jaylord Domingo

      When i saw your video i saw a light in my eyes and feels like wow i like that phone , ilove that phone. I dream that phone.. I wish i have that phone. I'm filipino fun of yours. I REALLY REALLY LOVE THAT PHONE THANK YOU FOR SHOWING ME MY DREAM😇 please notice me😭

    65. Atlas

      This video now: "What apple didn't do with their new iPhone"

    66. K

      where can I find the android lock screen at 4:22?

    67. Satisfying Unboxing

      110M subscribers

    68. Vinicius Fidencio

      Oh man, i'm a apple user for the last 10 years or more, and by seeing all the innovations that a lot of other companies bring to their smartphones, i'm getting bored with apple, they could do SO much more... i mean, some days ago i've seen a phone by huawei that could record slow motion videos with more than 7000 frames per second, then i found a phone by nubia that has a 165hz screen and even has side buttons for playing games, there is also the galaxy s21 with the nice stylus that works great and gives you a lot of possibilities to write or draw things. Than i look at my iphone, and yeah i can do all the basic thing with it, its great and all, but its getting boring, BORING , literally boring, seeing lots of companies showing nice stuff, and apple every year is just the same "oh look, we have the best cpu, but in the next 5 years maybe we can bring something everyone else has" . I'm currently using my iphone 11 pro max, was expecting some very nice innovation on the new designs to switch to the 12 or 13, but didn't have the feel, and if the iphone 14 doesn't come with any GREAT thing, i'm saying goodbye to apple, with my heart broken of course, because the phone is great, but they got too much in the confort zone...

    69. skltr21

      usb c is literally the only thing that's REALLY holding the iphone back. it's absolutely absurd they still haven't done this.

    70. max hass

      how about allowing apple users to put in batteries themselves instead of having to go to an apple store

    71. murdlep

      number 3 was fixed by the EU lol

    72. apple owner

      i have the 12 pro max and i would say i prefer the flat edges just because it feels more premium,solid and i have a better grip! but, obviously everybody has a different opinion and i respect that!

    73. MrBizarre


    74. Jon

      Apple - please keep the square edge design - I’ve missed it in every iPhone since my very first iPhone 4 - still the most attractive design to date. It doesn’t slip out of the hand, like a well used soap tablet and it can be stood on edge for photgraphs.

    75. Will The Gamer

      I just had a idea you said that live wallpapers on iPhone would drain the battery life well what if the increment of battery on the 13 series will eventually allow live wallpapers

    76. OzZy

      Arun is Rickrolling us on his every videos 🐦

    77. Brian Walczak

      13:51 POV: You have an iPhone 6S (like me ;-;)

    78. YASH yt

      Well said

    79. Dahiya Qalbi

      I'm using Iphon 6 in 2021 thanks to my father who uses nokia 3310

    80. Liliana Ruvalcaba

      Basically iPhone is not Android XD

      1. Liliana Ruvalcaba

        I may say that never thought on buying an iPhone, but now less than ever. It is not just that the settings and the general functioning of the phone is different, but really sounds too boring and I love being able to customize my phone.

    81. 4ngel

      0:10 love ur vids man but one small thing wrong direction

    82. Rizmal

      Dear Apple. Stop making your phone XD

    83. no name

      As someone using the iPhone 6s in 2021...the battery life is truly abysmal.

    84. OneMad

      If just half of the changes were addressed by Apple many people (me included) would switch to Apple and Apple would finally reach the state of monopoly they aim for for so long.

      1. rohith reddy

        ios is boring

    85. WA-hornet

      The guy in the video is a SCAMMER, dont believe him, stay far away from him and his offers otherwise you will be sorry. If you need proofs just msg me here..

    86. Salma Saleh

      For me. iPhone is boring. I used to have it but i just switched to Xiaomi cuz simply you can't do anything with your phone. They just control everything

    87. 4Steps2Subvert

      No usb c

    88. Annoyed Walrus

    89. Musonda Douglas

      Am here again

    90. Tobi David

      the way he said i cant use an iphone 6s in 2021 with out replacing the battery is amazing since i have a 6s and i replaced the battery 🤣🤣🤣

    91. Kitten

      13:53 i have an iPhone 6s cause I have no money to buy a new one and it still works very well my battery can last about 3 hours and it’s very old and I also haven’t replaced the battery either

    92. Jeremy Perrin

      iCloud is faster and a lot easier to use than google drive is why I prefer iOS

    93. Raqxi -

      I thought number one would be to downlosd something from safari or googe on a iphone

    94. Arshiya's Aroma

      I hope apple watches this video and fixes everything, I am a dedicated iPhone user. I JUST WANT THESE THINGS TO BEEEEE FIIIIIIXXXXXXXXEEEEEEEDDDDDDDD.

    95. 蔡泳翰

      Apple: We can't ditch lightning because so many people have lightning accessory. Also Apple: *remove headphone jack

    96. Inissate

      #3 has been applied with the 13 👏👏

    97. SquireSCA

      Apple is a lifestyle brand. Their hardware is amazing. Their software, is sub par. As for the smooth design... I am tired of trying to pick up to Apple products and having them slip out of the hand like a bar of wet soap. Lack of customization is getting old. There are a DECADE behind the curve on that. Using slow Lightning port because they want to make lots of money on cables, annoying. And Apple doesn't do it to keep people from making a mess of things. They do it because they can. There is a long long list of things that Apple does NOT do it to make things easy. Lots of things that Apple is actually more difficult to do, if you can do it at all... The settings menu, is a train wreck. Absolutely horrible...

    98. drw.17

      Does anyone know where the lock at 4:22 is from?

    99. BuzzKillEx

      First of all I hate haptic keyboard that shit is so annoying on samsung And second I just agree with few of the things you say, let apple do their work they doing fine. And I really appreciate you and your work and everything you doing bro love you❤️

    100. Alba L. Marrero Rodriguez

      I don't like face id. I drive too much and I love using my Google Pixel without looking at it. I don't even need to see it!! With just grabbing the phone I open it with fingerprint and give voice commands. That's it, too easy. I won't crash for looking at my phone.