20 Next-Level Inventions you didn't think were Possible.


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    20 Incredible Tech Inventions, from smartphones, to gadgets, to tech gifts up till 2021. If you enjoyed this do consider subscribing! 👊

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    1. Mrwhosetheboss

      Trying something completely new with this one - would really love some feedback if you want to see more like this! 👊 EPISODE 2 is now OUT: hraero.info/contact/pXxywpSwzcqquaY/video

      1. Kevin Mohan

        Love it bro

      2. AGS

        BB b N w

      3. ultimate the gamer


      4. faisal alhouti

        Yo u should buy the smallest cars

      5. Arvind Gupta


    2. Amy Hart


    3. passionate bee

      9:15 i thought he was going to say enlightening

    4. Apple

    5. Baby Boy

      I pitched # 20 to 50cent at a liquor store in 2014

    6. Lawler616

      Where can I get the note book

    7. Pikaboy studios

      smart glasses sound like the eye phone from futurama

    8. Muniba Shakeel

      Where is the rick roll

    9. Kasper Jensen

      That Floating Backpack looked outright unsettling for some odd reason. It's certainly a cool concept, but it really looks like someone photoshopped it into the video Also, I actually own an arc lighter, and I can confirm that they're an awesome invention! I rarely need a lighter, but it's a badass concept regardless.

    10. Jacob Cook

      As someone who has personally experienced the skydio 2 drone, it is really amazing and I even tried to crash it and it didn't work because the drone saw the obstacles that I was making it go to, and it goes very fast and it's camera is pretty decent

    11. Kranthi Kumar Kona

      Anna, love anna, addict ipoyam ni videos ki ❤️❤️❤️

    12. Mr Nye

      So good

    13. Preen Gopal

      12:19 now I wouldn't be surprised if he prefers light mode over dark

    14. Michael B

      11:05 ZoT Music!

    15. Santi

      Waiting for the next episode

    16. Andra Friesen

      The placid faucet fortuitously fetch because kamikaze collaterally snore like a unarmed millimeter. hateful, insidious mercury

    17. iradook.koodari ?

      Why couldn't you just use a normal Notebook in space instead of the nuka Notebook Why wouldn't Ink work in space

    18. Wesyz *

      Imagine being in a airport and saying hey Alexa suitcase follow me and then you start walking to make it follow you

    19. Fusion Gamerz

      Me:alright lets get the 40000$ sun Nobody: Litteraly nobody: alright so how will i set a 70 inch screen on the roof which is only 600$ on ebay

    20. Tricolour Llama

      And winding up cats shows video of a squirrel

    21. Average

      Flipping hell That's insane

    22. Ns__Husain

      Production Quality Next level..Am Saying it Again No One Defeat you💪

    23. AYUSH TV

      you are great you do miracles so great there is no one else like youyoutube.com/shorts/9Hsxst-ff-4?feature=share

    24. Precious Chuks

      I love the liquid speed bump😍

    25. Vboi


    26. Vboi


    27. ooscar

      Ths series is really good

    28. Sleepy

      I loved it!!!

    29. Dragonowl21

      I feel like a notebook and pencil that work in more places is a little less innovative than the plastic reduction things

    30. Ryszard Mikke

      #7 smart glasses - discontinued a year before releasing this video...

    31. Knack Pack


    32. HirickyoulbelaughingmakingthisbuttonlolxXxXxbyby

      Is it just me that saw the ''yoink'?

    33. 1updoodle

      9:16 I thought he said a sub would be pog legit had to turn on ccs lmao

    34. Culture Talk

      Love his content and face 😍

    35. Sam Ecroyd

      When PCs are edible and to get revenge on someone you eat their pc

    36. Start Science

      Yeah I'm already bored that you give ratings to everything out of 10

    37. Start Science

      To be honest it's kind of weird that you give ratings to the things that you didn't touch

    38. Hash B


    39. BadgerBear

      1:31 ayo mans playing bf1 gotta respect

    40. Efloger Squad

      #3 reminds me of the motorcycle from the kid in paw patrol that I watched 7 years ago. It was a motorcycle that turned into a jet ski when it touched water

    41. JacobDOEStuff

      what will apple call their glasses' operating system? eye os

    42. Kevin Mohan

      I love its really awesome. Pls make more thank you

    43. Bugshow Workshop

      The note book will stop us from saying ‘MY DOG ATE MY HOMEWORK” now we have no excuse

    44. i k

      no way a shitty arc lighter got a 8/10

    45. Joblo123

      Did he just swear 0:54

    46. LacyDaDog

      I WAS LOVING the edible containers 😍😍😍

    47. Goran Nešić

      Shanghai drones pretty much old news...

    48. MaksimWOLF

      Love the videos! Keep on going, you are my favourite channel!

    49. Mrtamps

      ive had an arc lighter for ages, didnt even know they were called that

    50. Mr Ocd


    51. ShotDelivery

      Cyberpunk burn lol

    52. ShotDelivery

      California already used that Laser on their people already to blame Climate Change

    53. jamtu

      7:53 a deat note is beter

    54. Barry Kean

      I like your vids .just new to you wanted help with my samsung s21ultra .can I suggest you show more hands on with new tec .I understand if it's hard to always have it at hand

    55. mab m

      you seem like someone who doesnt use a lighter. arc lighters are trash. the batteries just pop after about a month. ive had 3 and they have all done it. 8 out of 10? nope don't listen to him. 1 out of 10.

    56. Snoep Animatie

      Other than most tech-geeks, I like your priorities. Cool is cool, but being environment friendly is cool as well. Shows you´re smart. No point in having all this tech if we cannot sustain it.

    57. Giovanni Ferrari

      Bro i love your channel

    58. unums

      styropyro is awesome, I love that damn kid he’s a genius

    59. Jotham Chin

      Number 17: make a pool from it and cannon bomb! Go in slow, or else, well… 16: I carry 2 iPads and a MacBook with me, don’t ask me why

    60. guy with a weird mask

      “Smart glasses” Remember google glass?

    61. Don Ace Watson

      Mr . I’ve been watching your videos for years now and I’m always wanting to hit you up with twenty questions and can you explain something about it that might have been asked . Anyways I’m assuming you are making a great income and perks for promoting and sponsorship , for your you tube channel. Anyways I’m wanting to know if your ever doing any giveaways , or maybe you could help individuals with acquiring something that you know that’s out there. Just wondering if you are staying with apple 🍏 or are you diverted to another Android phone , because I’m on a iPhone X max and the battery doesn’t work as well and it’s out of warranty now but it’s been my life for years now but I’m wondering if you have any help with possibly??and I’m wishing you to cover the self defense items that are another level

    62. YASH yt


    63. Anjolinajoly Anjolinajoly

      1:22 Imagine you can feel pain.

    64. GabbyAlmostDIED

      I really need that tennis ball thing. I mean I'm a 11 yo and is pretty hard to go everywhere to get the ✨balls✨ I'm tired or tennis but I like it so idk if I should quit 😀

    65. PyotrasazAkasius pupulis

      0:53 did he say that he can't stop fuocking at it??????

    66. steven pop

      I used to shock people in school with that arc lighter 🤣🤣 Eastern Europe be like 🤣🤣


      I kinda heard some of this

    68. Victor TV

      'What Did You Eat Today?' 'Spoon.'

    69. Trevor Joseph

      Hey I love the smart glasses, are they marketed

    70. Omid Dabiri


    71. yairtet

      Best video

    72. Eufemia Arden

      The macabre panties ophthalmoscopically brush because cupcake alternatively chase failing a beneficial run. sedate, interesting doctor

    73. Djon Do

      Cool one 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

    74. betafish gaming

      loved it

    75. Pratyansh Chandhoke


    76. Izyaan Tahir

      That was great

    77. Bela Oxmyx

      Stick to reviewing gadgets that are ready for purchase. There are lots of HRaero videos pushing concept videos. I want to see reviews of the latest tech that’s available today not videos of concept tech that may end up in the bin

    78. Redol Molina

      the liquid solid one was called ooblek

    79. Starley Robidoux

      I love these ideas I am super excited about Edible water bottles

    80. Jonathan Adsen

      What if you throw the cowa robot bracelet on some body, will it just crash into them. Ahh i like the new self defence weapons a bracelet witch shoots luggage at people, nice.

    81. GameGuitar

      10:43 what if that was used to rickroll an entire city

    82. Q M

      I like this new series. I watched the other before being directed to this first one. I’ve watched some of your other videos (and really liked them) which satisfied my immediate needs, but this? I would enjoy staying up to date with these types of new inventions/technology. This is something I would subscribe to 😉.

    83. Cat Of Culture

      This device can cure cancer for dirt cheap. Seems like a 6/10

    84. Satoshi Araki

      A device that's already working and collects 90k plastic shopping bags per year for the environment: 7/10 A _concept_ to check maps route or whatever in front of your eyes that's just trying to copy what even Google with their Google Glass failed to deliver: 8/10 I think it's better to not include those ratings in the first place, no reason for them

    85. Asha Kumari

      For the VORTX, I would go into a snowy tundra in the hot days to keep me cool😎

    86. mariofan LIVE

      I thought of something someone could do with gaming. You would have a wire connected to your brain and a sleeping mask with light that flashes on and off at a low light level. The mask would put you into a lucid dream. The wire would limit your dream to anything coded in the game and nothing more. It would also detect where you are and what you do to transmit data which is connected to the game. What would all this do? It would act similar to vr but could work with any computer and won’t have the need for a vr headset.

    87. Rakeen Jibran

      For me the top 5 are, 1. Seabin 2. Edible Packaging 3. Spincycle 4. Liquid Speed Bump 5. Floating Backpack Just amazing

    88. Crazy Comments

      North Focals will be remembered, google hopefully will release new ones

    89. Crazy Comments

      For the notebook, what if you mess up and want to erase something, lol

    90. Nsubuga Musa Ug

      Ya the world is moving so fast and its amazing

    91. Jeffrey Parker

      6:36 That looks *so* cool. But a blue light under it, and give it a citrus taste, and boom; it's suddenly a mana potion. It looks liek the health potions from "Reincarnated As A Slime".

    92. Urban in Suburban

      Buy the Sun! Own it, you deserve it

    93. Penguinz

      I always do that to my headphones as a VR headset

    94. Chad Oleszczuk

      skydio is shit. no where close to value for the money

    95. natecuzynot

      I'm on more of the young side, and the lighter pretty much breaks my ears when it's turned on. I know kids shouldn't use lighters but if you light a firework the kids are gonna hear EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE BOOM!!! not just the explosion. I'd give 3/10 if around kids but if just with friends over like 18 then what you rated it.

    96. XI Rarity

      for all the indians here stop at 11:10 and tell me if it rings- DHOOM DHOOM

    97. akumpawatjr

      I usually look forward to how Arun is going to slip in a pun to subscribe to the channel; gotto say, this video was a disappointment even though it was 'hot'

    98. Gylve De Lucia

      I dont like where the world is heading. Everything becoming automated?? That scares me...

    99. Dyanosis

      What was the point of a 10 point scale if you weren't going to use the bottom 5? Hm... 0/10.

    100. Tomy Niepo

      if i could see whats happening in my life by watching at my wrist, i would commit suicide by tomorrow