24 HOTTEST Inventions that will change your Life.


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    24 of the HOTTEST inventions of all time, with each one hotter than the last 🔥
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    1. Mrwhosetheboss

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      1. Geetali Angel L

        It’s fine and great vids good luck

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        How the horse move in that chess board... 😕

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        Make another one, this is the video that made me sub.

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    2. IPlayGamez Unedited

      The phantom chess board reminds me of magic chess from Harry potter

    3. Vidya Jangam

      U know u r successful when "The Android" sponsors your video 👏👏👏 - An Android developer

    4. BruhAzalea

      I feel like the hoverboard would’ve been on this list if it was 2016.

    5. c3339409

      -just stopping by with a friendly hello, and to say that i ♥️♥️♥️ yur content.

    6. The First Moron

      I'm not blind but the reason that a lot of people who are blind have glasses is because their sunglasses that block their eyes so that people don't have to look at their eyes cuz most of the time their eyes are deformed in some way

    7. Myles Bryan

      mans is in 3000

    8. Buddy Sings

      5:20 a dentist on HRaero tested this out and it does not clean well

    9. Bhupen Huidrom

      Super awesome content and presentation 👍👍👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️!!!

    10. Hamayuon Ahmady

      Those toothbrushes don’t work I have one

    11. Marco 86

      You put the useless extra thumb second and gave it a 9/10 I csnt see anywhere where the thumb would actually be useful where we do stuff now and think oh if only we have an extra finger.

    12. Ur Dada

      Best thing in the world - British guy saying bottle of water

    13. Ahmed Alexander

      Bruh this was sponsored by Android

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      Uses iPhone Sponsored by android.😂😂😂😅

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      Rick card lmao

    16. Petr (Peter) Rybyanets

      Arun telling interesting thing. Me proceeding light thingy he just showed

    17. Petr (Peter) Rybyanets

      Lovely aromies lolllll

    18. Grundle Foot

      The thing about the ecolift trash and is that it poses a slight danger, incase something happens and someone falls down into it

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    20. Emilias Märchenwelt

      Where can I get the chessboard?

    21. SteeLSy

      This dude keeps rickrolling me :(

    22. Jay

      imagine a glowing forest

    23. Liam johnson

      How much is the water bottle

    24. Carlo Bartina

      Number 1 is trash lmao

    25. rat

      and if you have to sneeze on n.01?

    26. SketchSlayer

      When your transplant organ in en route via a drone and some guy with a rock manages to down it... Yeah I don't think I trust a drone to withstand the human element in any urgent delivery role.

    27. 1will2000will1

      I think those glasses could actually be helpful for people with chronic back/neck pain

    28. lunarhoundog Radebe


    29. Fearz

      I have a glowing faucet but instead of it glowing orange it glows green and it’s really helpful if you want to have a bath in medium temperature water and for just washing your hands

    30. Ayishath Thameeza A N

      11:01 😂😂

    31. Ryder Perry

      Get me more like than my brother hehehe 😂

    32. Memes n Shet

      5:09 that has been a thing for years

    33. The pickle man

      *#24 is just human discord*

    34. Vincent Koenst

      We’ve had nr17. for ages in the netherlands

    35. Rich Briere

      Very Cool Stuff ! :)

    36. S Choudhury

      Chess 2.0 is here

    37. blamblamboomboom

      Me: * randomly pointing at stuff so I can see* The people around me: *confused noises*

    38. Deme Kagamine

      Blind doesn't always mean complete blindness. For example you can have such low vision that all you can basically see is if something is bright or dim. Another example is people that can only see a very large shape like a telephone pole if they get close enough. And about the glasses thing even if someone is completely blind they might wear a pair of sunglasses for different reasons. Hope that cleared up anything about the myeye use circumstance. And if anyone has further questions related to blindness I'll be more than happy to share info

    39. Ammata Thammavongsa

      The pretty oval meteorologically matter because step-grandfather especially avoid at a lucky asphalt. gaping, dusty criminal

    40. Janette Pech

      Is there more & more detailed review on the bike?

    41. Santi

      You are the hottest invention 🔥🔥😉

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    43. Logan Ayers

      Can’t use the mouthpiece toothbrush anytime soon because of braces.

    44. lollokek

      In germany we say: "Was ist AirUp eigentlich?"

    45. Ahmed Amir

      Lets say you hate water wr have an invention for that to DEATH.......

    46. Sidha Malainine

      These ads are getting annoyiong (youtube ones)

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    48. Candace Johansen

      I have those mirror glasses (#20) and they give me a headache

    49. Nazir - Walk Around The City

      🚶👍✋Extra Good job🤝 Wow. Great view, I love to see new places 👍❤️ Great movie 👍 Bravo 👋 And I have a new movie from a walk around the city 😊 Yours sincerely, DJ Janusz from Warsaw Poland 🇵🇱✋

    50. Zata Demons

      Has anyone else come to the comments trying to figure out the Android emoji he was talking about😱😖🔎

    51. trondur O'Keefe

      hushme looks like a futuristic dog muzzle

    52. AYUSH TV

      you are great you do miracles so great there is no one else like you

    53. Doza Ditore e Dijes

      We had eco lifts in my town (Prishtina) since 2016. But they don't work as well as you think!

    54. VERENT780

      Sorry m8 but those electrical tooth brushes don’t work. It’s better to do it yourself

    55. Faizan Shaikh

      My favourite - no.4

    56. Thomas Cantwell

      That biobag could solve a lot of problems, and the Myeye 2, that thing could bring so much uses, it could breach language gaps, make it where it would read rusian or japanese and translate it to you in english on the fly without you having to get your phone and try and type it on google translate, it would be such a quality of life object.

    57. Corbin Feickert

      i’m in the middle of a tornado watching you

    58. JANSKI

      next video will be sponsored by windows 10

    59. Precession

      6:30 I’ve seen these before, they are literally worse than using a wood branch as your toothbrush

    60. Steve00 Alt

      I want a pokemon battle in real life

    61. Yoru Emiya

      warhammer 40k mechadendrites here we go

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      Dude love the countdown timer ring on the number!!! What detail. Like sub share...

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      Very nice video thank u for the information i'll probably buy some of that sfuff😉👍

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      Why are te chapters always not right?


      10:59 I wasn't ready for it, are you?

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      *throws friend in ecolift

    72. Wind box


    73. ExoStorm_4

      The mouthpiece toothbrush doesn’t work

    74. Bacon or some other dude

      Rickrolled at 11:00

    75. Muhammad Syed

      heelys are better then rocketskates because the weel is in the shoes

      1. Sherri T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me

        hraero.info/contact/zox-2oBuo7a60LI/video “Just put it in your mouth turn it on and it will start vibrating” Me: sounds reasonable

    76. Tamas Szabo

      The guys at Blync should have know how a bike should be assembled.. the forks installed backwards lmao

    77. iammax

      The artificial people thing feels less exciting and more like an imminent black mirror episode.

    78. funny one

      If your videos were little shorter it would have been better.

    79. Cringe

      Androids deviant

    80. Cringe

      Finally Detroit become human is becoming REAL

    81. N-DO

      16:30 we all know, we all know

    82. Danny Scheers

      In most cities of Spain, that kind of garbage disposal (underground) is standard. (although maybe not that nice looking, just aluminum chutes). In the US, Panama and definitely other cities too, hi-rises have garbage chutes that do the same thing....

    83. Yafet Theodros Girma

      subbed now

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      I have a Townew. It is awesome

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      The flavoured water thingy is amazing. My Gboard is sluggish 😩. The audio sound great to me 🤷

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      I love how you make reviews exciting and fun to watch!🔥❣️😊

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      The android summer update sounds exactly like my iOS experience

    91. Jurassic Josh

      how do they find signs they can't see to begin with?

    92. Gianni Descalzo

      A robotic arm that can serve you smacks.

    93. Yusuf Mosaddeq

      I love all your videos but this one had way too many ads 😭

      1. Phoenix  𝙾𝚙𝚎𝚗 𝙼𝚢 PROFILE

        hraero.info/contact/zox-2oBuo7a60LI/video “Why would a blind person have glasses?” had me dead 💀🤣

    94. Daniel

      Those bins (17) have been around for years what are u talking about 😂😂 that’s not a new invention

      1. Bully Maguire

        I dont know where you heard hime saying that its a brand new invention

    95. Alireza Eftekhary

      5:22 im a freelancer and i made the 3d model of home biogas tent for them for just 200$ (I didn't design it I just made the 3d model of their idea) and since they are a non profit company I'm perfectly happy to just be a part of their cool invention

    96. Grim Reaper

      in the 11 one,has that the gold collord cup that ceps your tea hot?

    97. keshab doley

      Dada amar iyat kuneu dustbin a use nkre... Sob ulta pulta pelai diye... Kiba upai dbone

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      One of the neon people look like my aunt

      1. Sherri T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me

        hraero.info/contact/l4ygk6aWlb_Vkcg/video I love how Arun uses different words each video to describe how he feels about is liking the vidro

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      That Phantom Chess Board is just amazing. I need one in my life ( and yes I'm fun at parties )

    100. ShotDelivery

      Every 10/10 thing is from a Black Mirror Orwell future.

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        hraero.info/contact/2I-mpJmMqLLBmLY/video “Why would a blind person have glasses?” had me dead 💀🤣