I bought the CHEAPEST Tech in the World 🌍


4,7 mil. pregleda3 600

    Buying the Cheapest and Weirdest smartphones, gadgets, iPhones, and tech in 2021 from Wish / eBay /Etsy / Aliexpress! Go to Surfshark.deals/boss and enter promo code BOSS for 83% off and 3 months free! (I say 81% in the video but it's actually 83!)

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    1. Mrwhosetheboss

      Starting from Next video, we're going to be filming using a completely new camera! Can't wait for you to experience it! For more HUGE unboxings like this: hraero.info/contact/1LFzkpixs9ut1LY/video

      1. BoredPenguin

        My grandpa invented fingerlight gloves but he never patented it

      2. Varadh Kaloor

        All right, I'll admit it..... I clicked the link, but ....... Arun I dare you to rickroll the legend himself. Is you succeed, I'll give you a hug personally🤗

      3. Susan Hodgson

        I so love ur videos. Not only do u make me laugh BUT u give me great gift ideas. So for that I thank u 😊. Just one question though if I may. Out of all ur gadgets on this video which one is ur favourite? Hope you reply and thank u in advance 😃

      4. Jermaine Kingly

        Hey can I get that PS5 bro it's slick Always want one of these video games

      5. K.N.A

        Cool danke wollte ich wissen

    2. Topendra Gamming

      Show this video to your parents and tell what you can do if you made it on HRaero

    3. Peter Hållbus

      The trackball mouse came before the kind of mouse we use today, you are just not old enough ;)

    4. EmeraldMinerW07

      I only use one AirPod lol so the single AirPod would work well lol 😂

    5. Vincent De Oliveira

      The PS5 cover would be useful in an office setting where it would be expertly disguised as a standing manila folder!!! Boss: “Bob! What are you doing in there for so long?” Bob: “Just organizing my files”

    6. Vaida Murauskiene

      CHEAP yes very CHEAP

    7. Flip_24

      "I bought the CHEAPEST Tech in the World" Proceed to buy a £500 Speaker

    8. h

      The last gadget kinda sus

    9. Dan Watkins

      The murky jail ironically refuse because fountain frustratingly whine amid a terrific stew. harsh, aloof hydrant

    10. Jahid Tanvir

      Arun testing weird gadgets and making weird sounds.😂😂

    11. Super Duper

      Meanwhile people can't even buy lunch.

    12. Super Duper

      Capitalism is Cancer

    13. Lzser

      MrBeast but the opposite

    14. Jana Gholoum

      “Ahh, that’s nice.. I think” and “This Ps5 looks like a peanut crack tortilla” made me laugh so hard that I sounded like a dying donkey-

    15. YeahGabriell

      Arun at 4:22 : You me can call Yoda

    16. chris

      stylus made for paralyzed ppl *arun holding the phone with his fucking hands* lmfao

    17. Yeeter

      The real mii 11 pro looks like my nans power bank

    18. Casie Dupont

      The boorish albatross advantageously wave because mistake prenatally cause beside a fancy knife. tense, sable undershirt

    19. TheLESOGA

      Is that a motherfucking jojo refrence

    20. Stevemats

      Mrwhosetheboss: "I bought the CHEAPEST Tech in the World" Also him: buys £549 Theragun PRO (for soothing his muscle) Me: Did this guy just use my entire year worth of salary on one item? (Starts questioning my existence) (After a short while, I proceed to watch the rest of the video) Mrwhosetheboss: Proceeds to now buy a speaker worth £500 Mrwhosetheboss: Buys a mini earphone worth £39 Mrwhosetheboss: Buys Testosterone tabs worth £137 ... ... ... Me: I'm done! (starts searching Jessie J: Price Tag (Lyrics) feat. B.o.B song)

    21. Samy Mi Hong

      A famous HRaeror played Minecraft whit that Orbit Mouse

    22. T MAN

      Y is there a gone Me merica

    23. Ezio Auditore da Firenze

      Please ignore it's just time stamps for myself • 12:21 • 15:01

    24. Handy Crafty Crafts

      I enjoy watching these

    25. Sudden Changes Sans

      -I hate your channel- *I love your channel*


        His camera quality is even more realistic than real life wow

    26. hillosmillos

      i think his attribute is his homemade memes.

    27. Handsome Plays


    28. geoffcarroll05

      He bought his wife a 750 tax deductible sex toy. Smart

    29. weki 101

      30 seconds of ads at begining

    30. Little Loser

      "i bought the cheapest tech in the world" *proceeds to buy. a giant rug*

    31. suitcase gaming

      I have p 30 lite🤕

      1. Mia - Sᴇx Cʜᴀɴɴᴇʟ 18+🅥

        Hope your bin has enough space for it afterwards 🙃

    32. Elizabeth Parsons

      To be fair it's quite rare I will use both my earpods when I'm out. I use them when I'm running and although I prefer to be immersed in my music it's not very safe

    33. Kiano KAO

      'I can even use it on my lap if i wanted to!' me watching the video with my normal mouse on my lap: inTeReSTinG

    34. Frogz Roblox


    35. Alexandra Griswold


    36. Ns__Husain

      Expensive But Cool the Best Tag line I Hv Evr Seen😁

    37. MOAI

      Pause at 3:08 and look on the bottom row of products lmfao

    38. inderpreet singh

      You liked the concept of the new innovative trackball mouse? Wait till you hear about this crazy new tech called an 8 inch floppy drive, very useful for storing a few million bytes of data.

    39. Ryan Julius

      18:19 Bruhhhh

    40. J-Brock

      Pisses me off qll these youtubers are able to get ps5 but normal people can't buy them

    41. Souper Man

      when i was around 4 years old i used my grandma's computer. my grandma had lupus which led to a whole lot of other problems. the mouse she had was a trackball mouse and i remember how much fun i would have using it as opposed to a regular mouse. well over a decade later, seeing one again on camera brought back a lot of good childhood memories

    42. ItsPinoDude

      you should donate the gun to me

    43. Santi

      It's impressive how cool tech one can get for so cheap The lightsaber was my favourite, along with the optical illusion thingy

      1. MOAI

        My fave was the one on the bottom at 3:08

    44. Hunter Ayyob


    45. Universal Arena

      Never gonna run around and..... Desert you

    46. Salman Ali

      him:cats these days me:dont say that my cat ran away

    47. 🌸Angel Dust🌸

      8:13 I was thinking Manila folder, but tortilla works too 🥴🥰

    48. Laurentiu Chiriac

      I don't know what to do with that information ....algorithm broght me here

    49. DokePokey

      i hate the camera design its is terrible even the front camera it is so ew

    50. HUBERT LAU

      You are Arron wow

    51. Stuart Hallman

      I keep multiple guns near my wallet and phone. I'm sure I'm not the only one!!

    52. ConcЯeteboom4138

      The vids excellent but my ears got blasted at 2:45

    53. smiran bro

      pls tell in hindi

      1. WhatsApp╋➀➈➄➀➁➁➇➀➁➁➃


    54. Jason J

      15:03 15:52 between 4,000,000 people, ok

      1. WhatsApp╋➀➈➄➀➁➁➇➀➁➁➃


    55. CookieKing

      Ah yes the sumsang. Had me laughing for so long 😂😂

    56. Andrew Gould

      What I love about this channel is that it relaly really feels like it could be overly clickbaity and have like 20 sponsors a video and just pump out videos with no soul, but it’s not like that, there is effort in any video and that’s what makes them entertaining

    57. Harris KA

      I love my theragun elite they are amazing, I would recommend to anyone

    58. LukeTFG

      Title /i bought the cheapest teck Buys something for $750

    59. David! KABOOM!!!

      Actually trackball mice were made very early on in the mouse industry for ships.

    60. OuissamSDW

      Cheap tech is for noobs

    61. Nikki Latimer


    62. nans



      Do you take ads?

    64. AYUSH TV

      you are great you do miracles so great there is no one else like you

    65. eatornator3000

      Um, I mean, I do want to feel, well *Succulent* So, You have yourself a sub

    66. eatornator3000

      Ah yes, *Rugtech*

    67. Dialfrabex

      17:33 you did not just…

    68. 𝕾𝖍𝖗𝖊𝖞𝖆𝖘861

      A sub to the channel would be "delicious"

    69. 𝕾𝖍𝖗𝖊𝖞𝖆𝖘861

      6:57 ow that hurts my brain lol

    70. Vibsヅ

      Darn it rick rolled again

    71. theGamingHub

      at 18:18 read the message on the laptop

      1. theGamingHub

        @Cycro the large planet / Windows 11 yes he rick rolled us

      2. Cycro the large planet / Windows 11

        did he just...

    72. Davis Rockness

      title: I bought the CHEAPEST Tech in the World 🌍 first sentence: i’m setting a budget of 3k dollars…

    73. Jurassic Josh

      "most bizzare and expensive" Video title - CHEAPEST TECH IN THE WORLD Lie much?

    74. GlitchedGames

      Wgo is the invisible person madsaging himm... dun dun dunnnnnn...

    75. Jenbro56

      When u phone thing in ur mouth but is it me You sound like mr bean when it's in you mouth

    76. Brenden Stahl

      10:18 People who don’t know: 😁 People who know: 💀

    77. Everything fitness and bodybuilding

      make more passion fruit

    78. archie macGuffie

      you wow 1 ipod col also u when it blows

    79. binadsen net

      looks like a cardboard ps5

    80. Golden Ben

      Title : ,, I brouth the Cheapest tech" Video : ,, I brouth 750$ masage gun"

      1. Helen🥂T[A]P Me!! to Have [𝐒]𝐄𝐗 With

        His camera quality is even more realistic than real life wow

    81. G3600_games

      2:35 if I put on ripped jeans it would be a fan knee

    82. black brick

      Black brick Black brick Black brick Black brick Black brick Black brick Black brick Black brick Black brick Black brick

    83. Kanishq Paddolker

      17:33 really?

    84. Kanishq Paddolker

      14:51 anyone notice milo in the back

    85. Nicolle Francis

      i bought the cheapest tech in the world! item: expensive but cool

    86. oiraM 42

      I could watch your videos all day, they never get old

    87. dogemanwastaken

      0:08 should have put an nsfw warning… smh

    88. The Boy

      Is it just me or does he kind of look like the guy from the movie yesterday?

    89. Matthew Carey

      Ahhhhh idk why but this dude is genuinely so trustworthy and wholesome. So new to this content and I think the internet has done this dude a disservice by not showing him before. Tbh I found this channel while researching pedestal fan reviews. Haven't seen him review a pedestal fan yet but I'm still very pleased.

    90. Rager Squad

      6:50 YO I HAVE THAT MAT AT HOME 16:40 In pretty sure my dad uses one of those

    91. •Rainbow•

      Between us: The 4.5M people watching 👁👄👁

    92. gustixle

      oh god i got rickrolled on the orbit mouse ;-;

    93. hilema41

      Ball mouse is great to use in the couch or anywhere you don't have a surface or place for a traditional mouse. I use the logi m570 for years and love it. Also battery last forever.

    94. SegaWalker

      Roller mouse is old tech...lol. From the 90's

    95. Punit Prayag Thakur

      2:59 I just Can't stop laughing!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    96. Em Eye

      Arun: can u join me Simba: no Arun: cats these days

    97. Kaden Kwek

      he shld have played the ph theme with the drum thing

    98. Monjid Sidahmed

      this is giving me insane deja vu

    99. lara vlogs

      can you make a video on mouses

    100. super luvkyplayer99 Aldo Fajardo

      I just love watching things I can't afford 😭😃😃😭😂