How THIS instagram story kills your phone.


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    This instagram story from pgtalal can crash your phone in an instant...but HOW? and WHY? Let's find out. Subscribe if you enjoyed!
    Thanks to Ananay for helping, his original tweet is here: ananayarora/statu...

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    1. Mrwhosetheboss

      Spent a few too many sleepless nights working on this one - Do consider sharing this message if you found it useful / interesting! 👊 Slight correction - I've been told the arabic text translates to "Check the next story" and "something so pretty" - I'm blaming Google Translate 😂 UPDATE - Instagram has finally fixed the crashing! They've actually implemented the rule we talk about in this video! To see my last video about crazy inventions: To see the most expensive phone unboxing you've ever seen:

      1. Liv Solberg


      2. Liv Solberg


      3. nuggs o destruidor


      4. ПАлКА а4


      5. sarvin keshar thapa

        I try to open the story nothing happens

    2. Endermalex

      10:30 because he wants to say android is better than ios like an ad

    3. DUPER 3D ™️

      *Talal at 14 : coding and hacking Me at 14 : figuring out how to do fractions😅*

    4. Apple


    5. Xxtrordinary Ribbit

      Welp, soon we are gonna see instagram held hostage

    6. greatbrobruhXD playz


    7. TOAST

      Does it also happen to IPads??

    8. عبد الحي وبس JUST ABD

      the arabic text says: look at the next story ,and the story that craches the phone says: so beautiful thing

      1. عبد الحي وبس JUST ABD

        oh yeah and the monika post says follow the taged guy its my origenal accownt

    9. Ratchanon Kongngern

      Sorry dude i dont play instagram

    10. Michael Joko Wardana

      My phone uses 4G sim cards

    11. Cutiepie Sona

      Follow me on-

    12. Catty Meow

      It felt like sending my babies of to torture. Well that escalated quickly Are you sure you couldn't manage to find a better metaphor??

    13. Z0C

      iphone cant even run a story hahahaha

    14. 4RCH

      That *you're welcome* response is probably the most badass but weird flex of skills I've seen.

    15. Koloax

      Another win for android

    16. Grave Diggers Offical

      My nasa pc: alright let’s do this

    17. Roberta Cristina

      so that means that android is better ?

    18. Treblon

      My head hurts

    19. X_Mann19

      This guy is ar and he is typing See the other story

    20. Banana Doge

      What about iPad

    21. BOJJJ

      Can we just talk about how this guy has over 52000 emails

    22. cristiur

      hahahaha... Iphone suck :)

    23. hyperx72

      "if someone created that through ads that can hold Instagram to Ransom" someone should do that with HRaero

    24. ZehanPlayZ

      that kid at 11: destroys people phone me at 13: still figuring out how to combo at minecraft

    25. Iordache George


    26. يوسف game destroyer

      The guy who made this story is Arabic like me 🥰🥰🥰🥰

    27. Nothing v

      1:18 it means See the next story

    28. dreamNotReal…

      Don’t open this Instagram story “proceeds to tell us the usersname”

    29. Joshua Arce

      i wonder what will happen on computer

    30. Demon101

      6:52 that’s what she said

    31. wes gilger

      Oh lord, think of this, you are teaching people IN DETAIl how to do this more!

    32. YAME

      Is anyone gonna talk about how badly and secretly we got rick rolled? 😂


      4:05 bruh

    34. Andra Friesen

      The placid thumb relevantly agree because rowboat additionly heal besides a scintillating dugout. long-term, draconian selection

    35. sreenivas polavarapu

      6:35 its my birthday

    36. Ana Alina

      Android for the win!

    37. XboxGaming

      My friends made me click on this story but i have an android so I was fine

    38. Asyary Raihan

      This kid probably just playing around with some tools and get lucky to do something like that. Now imagine what a real hacker can do.

    39. Kenneth Kateregga

      Haha! My Samsung j3 survived 😅😅😅😅😅

    40. Timeless 56

      this message that pops up while your phone was freezed said "something really really good" in arabic. no, i was not using Google Translate, i am a native arabic speaker Edits: 1. Something really really good 2. Watch the story after this one

    41. Yass_Blox

      1:21 that means : see the next story

    42. Dark_warrior905

      Me :just use PC or emulator on PC 😂😂

    43. Unstoppable_Decks

      Title: This instagram story kills your phone. Me: looks at it on an iPad #outplayed

    44. Precious Chuks

      Awesome video💯❣️😍

    45. Precious Chuks

      Gosh! You are so smart!💯❣️😍

    46. Precious Chuks

      Passion Fruit has really suffered in your hands... Lol 😂

    47. Darth Vader but way shittier

      9:29 holy shit cat

    48. People are sus

      I speak Arabic, I can translate the Android one just said: there is something reeeaaallly cool and the iPhone one said: check out my Instagram story after this one

    49. AYUSH TV

      you are great you do miracles so great there is no one else like

    50. マッドガチャ

      The cat in the background though

    51. ice_exe

      btw the text transalates to "go to the next story

    52. Lerma Cab

      Great job for a youngster. For a programmer that’s an easy thing to do but still crazy.

    53. Hassan kutty

      I gonna never open it Because idon't wan't to..... My phone

    54. Qisto

      Well android i needed

    55. The Killer Star

      تسجيل دخول الي سواها هوه عربي عراقي عمره ١٤

    56. aloe mellon

      I clicked on it and my phone froze. I was on the verge of crying because I was so scared. Then my phone turned off and I waited for a minute then I turned it back on and it hasn’t been working the same ever since but I’ve never told anyone that I did that.

    57. Wesley Tan

      him:" i checked the phones one by one" me:"rich boi"

    58. Sultan S


    59. Christopher Andreason

      He/she is trying to use unicode language to crash THE iPhone and also tryning to do THE same at android device

    60. Darth Anubis

    61. Valk

      never been happier that im not using instagram

    62. annina calder


    63. eli6r

      FUN FACT - It Do Not Work In PC Browser

    64. Levi Ackerman

      He looks like Ali grom squid game no one can change my mind

    65. TexansinAlaska

      He said bye bye and it crashed the phone LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

    66. TexansinAlaska


    67. G.D AcidToxic

      "Verify story after" Thats what the story is saying

    68. OksanaXYZ

      Please do a tutorial on how to do the crash story that brings u to the home screen


      instergram look like soudi arabia

    70. Youssef Ehab

      Fun fact:the text in the story translates to "look at the story that's after this"

    71. Grayson Xi


    72. Praharsh k studios

      So basically, the dude enlarged story stickers so much that when laid out their size is dozens of times bigger than the earth.

    73. Jan

      Me who speaks arabic: intresting

    74. Muhammad Ashraf

      😱PG talal is Syrian He lives in an Arabian country😱 If you don’t know I’m Arabian

    75. jaxon conrad


    76. ClasicApples

      What about an iPad???

    77. M7MDi


    78. Bloody Conman

      Who Is Still In Fear & Not Trying In Android Also Like Me 😅

    79. V S

      Who knew that a 14-year-old broke the internet...

    80. Mattske

      I once received a FB message from well it said friend so I clicked and the next thing I know the same msg got sent to ALL MY FB FRIENDS and synced contacts then would get sent back too me as I'm on there friends list.. it just kept going round and round I actually had put a notification on my FB wall telling them not to click on the pic and it's not from me or me willingly... The purpose of that was ????


      in conclusion: they getting revenge on apple for being "eco friendly"

    82. Zen

      9:31 give me your cat

    83. Nova

      This just proves how good androids are

    84. Hey Buddy

      O, I c

    85. Keri Pieczynski

      ok but what abt an ipad

    86. LizBiz


    87. vert_CoDM

      so if you do this how do you recover your phone lol

    88. Creeperistic

      Apple is woser than old android LAMOO

    89. Chantel

      Haha I remember when this was a thing, I opened it with my old note 10+ and it was fine, nothing happened lol

    90. Smart' Medicine Physicist

      Hi thank you for this information. I see your first video great I am very carful with I look at on my cell phone!!!

    91. Fishyrains Tails0

      1:35 wait… did he just predict the future

    92. FantaGames

      Due to a timer the size of the Empire State Building, it freezes your IPhone and IPad yes I just spoiled it to u

    93. DMst

      Anane the legend s so smart

    94. Jalba Chandanshive

      *that kid at 11 years: manages to break people's phones* *me at 11 years: figuring out how the fridge lights turns on and off* 🙄

      1. Csr Gaming

        I still do that😂

      2. Ashraf Junior


    95. Shabad Relan

      I am pgtalal

      1. Shabad Relan

        lol im jokin

    96. Jalba Chandanshive

      9:30 *I forgot who was that man* *cuz of that kitty 😻*

    97. Jalba Chandanshive

      9:30 *aww so cute 😻*

    98. JacobDOEStuff

      14?! I’m 14! What am I doing with my life?!

    99. L.e.s_ aesthetic

      How come they just can't band him?