Zenfone 8 - The most boring INCREDIBLE phone ever.


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    This is my full review of the new 2021 Zenfone 8, including a camera test, battery life, specs + more! Try Dashlane for free on your first device head to www.dashlane.com/boss and if you decide to upgrade to premium use my code BOSS for 50% off

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    1. Mrwhosetheboss

      CORRECTION, the phone does not have Wireless Charging, my mistake! To all of you who manage to get here before I do, you're the real heroes 👊 Very curious what you think to the phone's design? Too plain or do you actually like it? To see some of the coolest Tech Inventions in the world right now: hraero.info/contact/pKBls4ppmaabpZk/video

      1. Smyan Narang

        dont love the design but dont hate it either

      2. Uhrwerk Klockwerx

        Sometimes simplicity is nice.

      3. TeknOli

        i like the desing

      4. Shahriar Parvez

        Hey Arun, could you please compare the battery life of Zenfone 8 to some of the best in class? I am a little confused as most other reviews deem it below/average. Might be different testing methods but it would be great to have some more detail.

      5. Oscar Diyong

        7:12 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    2. King Supreeth

      When he starts saying the specs, it is like one person who is a billionaire and still travells everywhere in a cycle 😅

    3. Arnav Raj


    4. Thrills of Life

      I love smaller phone

    5. Retro Woolage

      Buy redmagic 6s pro cheaper and better

    6. Shaain7918

      Don't judge a book by it's cover but tech

    7. Muh. Sabian Syahra

      5 months later after this video, finally zenfone 8 comes to my country

    8. D. Vuijk

      Yeah, I don't want a unique looking phone with character. I want a compact phone where every resource is put into making it into a competitive option performance wise. The design means nothing to me. If it's comfortable, I'm fine with it. Make it look as bland as possible and I'm happy

    9. yani9o

      Hey there :) Short question: how long does the battery last if you don't game on it (some texting/calling, maybe 1/2 hour of youtube or so per day)? Saw contradictory reports: some say it lasts easy for the whole day, others say they need to charge it during lunch... so what is it?

    10. NP7700

      hey can you do reviews about desktop pc components

    11. Charlie Chaine

      I really like your Channel

    12. Joseph Manoj

      headphone jack and that music .... my jaw literally wide open :D nice review ...

    13. Rajvinder Singh

      wireless charging ???

    14. Wrekt

      This is a great phone for smartphone enthusiasts, gamers or just really hardcore multitaskers/powerusers who need a phone with beefy specs, but don't want to grab too much attention with it. It's very understated, humble and it delivers. Maybe your job is in the corporate sector and having a flashy phone might become a bit distracting. This phone is great for those people. I'm not in the market for a ~600 Euro ish smartphone, I'm more of a Redmi Note series buyer. I have a beefy PC to do my work, I just need a phone with a decent screen, great camera, big battery, big storage and just enough performance to back everything up. But if I was looking for a higher mid-range device with better performance and a serviceable camera, this would be it.

    15. A Simp Weeb(Also known As The great MELON LORD)

      Asus: Makes a boring Incredible Phone Apple: *Nervous Sweating*

    16. Gazmend Haxhiaj

      does cellphone came with that lovely cat?? :)

    17. karthiklokey007 Lokey007

      So how many Dinosaur in here 🤔 Me : ✋

    18. Amit Kumar


    19. Fernando

      You had me on headphone jack

    20. Devansh Ranadive

      9:25 No one Noticed the Woman in the frame. Who's Shee. Hmmmm Is She the one who Arun Says when he trolls us by Writing "Thats what she said". Arun I need an Answer.

    21. MrDrissou

      It's actually my phone 😀

    22. Santi


    23. Rohan Salgotra

      It's the quite kid

    24. Luks

      Just slap a skin on it and its kinda less boring

    25. miner nikoliko

      Cat cute

    26. Precious Chuks

      "Lol... Why are we like this!"😂... Beautiful review! ❣️👏👏👏

    27. You can punch me in the face, but

      a boring looking phone at least tad more theft-resistant lol

    28. AYUSH TV

      you are great you do miracles so great there is no one else like youyoutube.com/shorts/9Hsxst-ff-4?feature=share

    29. 𝕾𝖍𝖗𝖊𝖞𝖆𝖘861

      Arun never lets his chance to rickroll us down lol

    30. 𝕾𝖍𝖗𝖊𝖞𝖆𝖘861

      wow you can see the weathe in HELL IMAO XD

    31. tea sipping guy

      So this is the phone every toxic android fan is referring to when they compare iPhones with "Samsungs"

    32. Pisca

      im a sucker for compact phones, i tried poco x3 nfc as my phone rn now since it's cheaper, but it's not that comfortable to hold with how heavy and big it is, i think ill get this one for my next phone.

    33. Yeon Sha

      Simply minded design and ultra creative.

    34. Genzeb Tassew


    35. Nearn


    36. General B.A

      My favorite phone

    37. Ryo S

      Great review, but my long experience in the past with Asus HandPhone is so bad, the screen is so poor in durability, and worse ia their after sales service is unspeakable. But of course this is only for Asus Indonesia as my experience.

    38. Lone survivor

      To say The truth i waited for this only apart form the punch hole display i need a full display as zenfone 6 with ips display due to eye strain caused by LED.


      The phone is not in the looks .It is in performance 🔥🔥

    40. FFreeze

      Myself are already boring 😌 and I'm fine with boring and simple looking phone with excellent performance, just couldn't afford it smh 😩

    41. ultramancandance

      Can someone gift me this phone

    42. Liza Soberano

      Wow thats we want a compact build in flagship inside.

    43. Gaurav Tee

      Wait, how were they able to have a headphone jack and also have water resistance?

    44. Ruba gopa

      Anyways, I impressed !

    45. Extectic

      One of the few good phones you can buy, in my opinion. I don't want to carry around something that feels like a damned flat screen TV in size. This is small but flagship specs. I've been asking for small with flagship specs for a while. Although, small is more "small" - the only reason a 6 inch phone is "small" is because the norm is so completely outsized. I still want something like this, except 5 inches or less on the diagonal, like the iPhone 5 or original SE which used the same shell size. Except not Apple, ack, ptui.

    46. Tsampikos Skoumvros

      I really like your videos: very professional. Congratulations :)

    47. ganni ganesh


    48. silveribis55

      Love watching your videos. Keep up the great work guys 👌. A few other things that have changed from phones back in the past: remember when instruments that phones had were advertised..?...things like compass, gyros, some even had altimeters and barometers to help with weather apps and hiking apps! I mean I love Android a lot, I've only ever used android, and had lots of different ones over the years, just, every maker hasn't got standard requirements, it's open source, and although this makes for such amazing tech and software leaps and bounds, it's very exciting, that's also in some small ways that lets it down for some reason or other. Perfect example are phones I've known people to buy, only to discover that although it's got GPS and can use Google maps, it's useless for hiking and geocaching they do as it doesn't have a compass in them! I've got one of the Moto G9 powers, and it doesn't have a compass either...some star gazing apps won't operate and at times Google maps can find me but has no idea which way is north or west or which direction I'm facing, and I'm having to walk around a street in places like London to discover my pointer, is just going to be backwards or I won't know which way an intersection is lol. So as phone companies go running off and creating loads of wonderful and expensive tech like great cameras and better screens with better nits and speed than the one before, the focus of more practical and cost effective improvements fall away. Tech industries only ever just build to what people want and basically just pander to what the general public want and what reviewers and tech folk are pointing out....so pretty much it's customer driven wants and likes. Cameras, screens, materials that don't collect finger marks, water resistance are features that now dominate what comes out of these factories now. Don't get me wrong I think they absolutely remarkable and needed, just, would be nice to be able to purchase devices in the future where not just what the nit strength is but what instruments they packing to so that I'd have a better more informed choice if it would suit me. Now of course I'm not saying they must pack these with more and more, just simply, not to forget about some of those little features, and to be sure to have spec sheets widely available and where reviewers note also what they don't have. Not a rant 🙈 just a market observation. Thanks again for your videos they awesome

    49. Talha Mehboob

      It's a tiny beast. Thank you that's the first time someone has ever said that to me.

    50. Robert Munteanu

      Hello, I noticed you didn't talk about the DAC, which is something I am personally most interested in. Thank you for the review though. I have a good idea about what the "fone" is about :D Cheers!

    51. Jay De la Cruz

      Ang cute ng pusa

    52. Patavius

      At least they're honest about the high performance mode. I imagine it works like the Asus Armoury crate app on the RoG phones where you can set which apps would automatically activate the high performance mode.

    53. Iku Turso

      Unfortunately the 599€ model was quite limited in countries. The 679€ model with just few gigs more ram is far, far worse deal - for average user the difference is negligible.

    54. Gazmend Haxhiaj

      im gonna get one for 2 reasons 1 first smart phone was asus 2 compact phone to pick up when work or when driving thx for this mate

    55. Milena

      Well it is up for us big screen lovers to wait for next year's phone and pray it is a 6.5 inch phone. Can't wait to upgrade my phone but I want to buy a zenfone again so much I'm willing to reset/suffer with the ruined battery for a year or so haha

    56. Дмитрий Иванович

      the back is aluminum, by the way. meanwhile, some bigger and more expensive phones still used plastic.

    57. Boy's Toys

      I can make it special look without cosmetics.

    58. you want a pizza me?

      Can we have big battery variants now Love the huge ram options but now we need huge battery options and my life is complete All our lives will be complete

    59. YASH yt

      Mrwhosetheboss on fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    60. Alan Constantine

      Dashlane sounds great but what if they get hacked? My private details will be there for hackers to mine and its not inconceivable almost every big company has been attacked such as Sony and Nintendo for example and their attack was devastating to their customers.

    61. Ishaan Khatavkar

      Boy this phone is amazing

    62. Chad broski

      I’m not getting this sponsor because my brother can spend my money because his face looks as mine and my phone reads that as me lol.

    63. Jason Becker

      From sleeper cars to sleeper phones

    64. Zuabir Islam

      The specifications of this phone is great but the design is so ugly.

    65. MochaiTheSamuraiGaming


    66. Graham’s Vlogs

      Like a true millennial double tap to open only fa no Instagram

    67. Brandy Harding

      "That's what she said" I caught it!

    68. TheCompleteMental

      It's hiding it's power level

    69. TheCompleteMental

      It's hiding it's power level

    70. Gaurav Tripathi

      his phone collection ✌

    71. FBI

      Appearance: \_ Specs:💪

    72. Suman Chakraborty

      Winter is coming

    73. Harmony Onon

      I love your presentation of this phone....

    74. Glenn Fowler

      One question does it have expandable memory, as in a SD card?

    75. acf2802

      Can't even find Zenfone 8 for sale in the US. ASUS' website just redirects back to their main page when you try to load their store or click one of the options for "where to buy". Literal vaporware.

    76. Donkey-brawl cod

      3:36 the phone is at 69%

    77. M Karthikeyan

      It support 5g?

    78. Pogo Zombie

      Disappointing 🤯

    79. lmao dnsbs

      How is this phone 600 dollars

    80. Prince_Hady

      most boring review ever .. i hate your ego

    81. Merry Romano

      Sleeper build 😅🤣👍👍

    82. drago sakratos

      I bought this phone which will be arriving tomorrow on account of the influence of your video. The principle of something that look so understated but held such big power appeals to my inner self.

      1. drago sakratos

        @Amol Randhir Malaysia. our online shopping portal sells it.

      2. Amol Randhir

        where to buy from

    83. Bobby jain

      It doesn't have wireless charging

    84. dannyzii

      I've switch to this phone for the small form factor, but I will miss my 5x optical zoom on my old phone...


      ok hey @Mrwhoisaboss Minecraft is heavy does it run smoothly on this phone



    87. meatlover

      Im buying this phone. I've been meaning to get a new one, as I don't like the size of my S21 Ultra, and after getting aruns approval on it , I will buy it tonight. I love the simple design. I'm not a fan of flashy phones. Thanks for the review arun!

    88. Mrittick Choudhury

      If you really care about your $$$ and experience, please DO NOT get a phone from Asus. Been a long-time user since 2014 (ZenFone 5) and 2018 (ZenFone 5Z). Twice did I trust, twice did I REGRET! The former had its CPU give up one morning randomly, and the latter one's started to reboot randomly with unreliable cellular connection. What's worse, they ended support by pushing such a software update that neither only never fixed those issues throughout but also BRICKED the camera focusing system. While the direct competitor OnePlus 6T will be getting Android 11, even the 12 Beta with a perfectly working camera and reliable network connection (which is the very reason we buy a phone), we have this dumb of a device that just failed us. Ended support by bricking things off - thanks Asus, I guess.

    89. Asad Manzoor

      iphone 13 mini or zenfone 8???

    90. Echo


    91. Dr. Steven Penny, M.D.

      Just got mine today. Best phone I've ever used.

    92. Toon

      this phone is everything that i wish, small, powerful and good batery, fair camera and it's small, it's so hard to find a small phones nowadays, thanks asus to create this. for me at least is totally worth phone.

    93. Layput

      I tried to look for this phone and it seems like the stock is limited. I need to look to Asia to buy this one.

    94. Lucca Renè

      dude, your videos are just... incredible!!!

    95. RadioactivePenguin776

      6:23 AYOOOOOOOOO 😏

    96. SilverStrixe

      There one thing i wish that Asus improve is the OS, I owned the Zen6Z amazing feat ease of use, casual and very low profile but packed if goodies. However...........after updating to a newer OS the main camera "blurred" reported by many and end up to actually change the hardware. The new OS is bugged making the AF unable to focus correctly on a specific subject. The so called "tips" and "tricks" only meant for temporary fixed. In the end I bought myself a Samsung. But yes during the good days I remember my Zen6 does the job. But due to the OS issues i shy away from the brand, perhaps it may not be the case for ROG models.

    97. metric takes your wall

      Zenfone 8 cat not included

    98. Likhita Murari

      "Eyy don't forget about me, I'm still here"

    99. EOM Official

      if only it had MicroSD card slot, It would have been the perfect phone

    100. Ciprian Gosu

      Camera comparison with S21 5g , Pixel 5, Iphone 11 pro? Because Buget and size? between 5.9 and 6.2 inch display?