OnePlus Nord CE Unboxing!


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    Full Unboxing of the new OnePlus Nord CE - including a Jet, a sports car and a couple of extra surprises! (Sponsored by OnePlus, all opinions are my own). Experience OnePlus Nord CE 5G from £299/€299 at , & join their Core Sales offer to receive early delivery from 14th June!

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    1. Mrwhosetheboss

      Very different to my usual videos, but hope you enjoyed this one! Couple of notes: 1. The final edit of this was done by us, but the original cut was done by a team hired by OnePlus, hence the audio sounding a bit different, and the quality being 1080p instead of our usual 4k. 2. This resolution isn’t doing the Nord’s camera too much justice, it IS good for the price. 3. The box does also come with a pretty nice clear case, but this part of the unboxing was chopped. 4. This video was sponsored, but my condition was that all opinions remain my own

      1. alvin ordoña

        Wow that amazing ilove it🤓😁💗💗💗

      2. Cool Stuff

        Hey Arun I brought the phone by watching your video I thought it was really cool and I trusted you but I regret buying it I almost saved money for two years I used my old phone for 3 years so that I would buy a better phone later but I can do nothing now.🥺🥺🥺

      3. Wizzy Ogwanz

        @Chanel i48 true question bro

      4. Chanel i48

        Hello Mrwhosetheboss, do your giveaways apply outside your country?

      5. Wizzy Ogwanz


    2. thatskyphilosopher

      No one: Arun: *BloOdY HELL*

    3. Fortnite Lover


    4. Santi

      Is it the fastest one??

    5. AYUSH TV

      you are great you do miracles so great there is no one else like you

    6. Precious Chuks

      It's the way you scream for me! 💯😂😂😂😂❣️... This was adventurous!💯

    7. Desa Todorova

      Micky Mouse is that you? xd

    8. idkrem Montoya

      Bruh has a headphone Jack

    9. runsthroughmyveins8

      MKBHD im sorry I just unsubscribed to your channel after watching this.✌️ He's way more cooler @mrwhosetheboss

    10. Osman Uddin

      I love you your happines, And pilot was feeling also better with you ,,,.😃

    11. Productum

      Thanks for this nice unboxing video! Two weeks ago I bought the OnePlus Nord and I'm still happy with it! :)

    12. ALOKA

      I like how Arun shout when the speed increases like a baby

    13. malik ali

      Speaker is not good moreover finger print scanner is slow

    14. Tom Rider

      Noooo he said jet

    15. alvin ordoña

      I cant imagine that you can do it,!!💗💗💗 wow!!😲😲😲😲 ilove it

    16. alvin ordoña

      Shout out your next video💗💗💗

    17. masood rahimi

      60% people own mid range phones yeah cause not everyone can afford a 1000 dollar phone these days we are not millionaires

    18. YASH yt

      Great 👍

    19. Meghana Parate

      Should i buy nord 2 or a52

    20. Jella Sridhar

      I am literally using a Nord ce

    21. Gina Haidăuțu

      His voice when they flip🤣

    22. Zuabir Islam

      I think one plus Nord CE is a mid range killer phone.

    23. Zuabir Islam

      Bruh this rewiew is so funny 😅😅

    24. Techno

      Are you gay

    25. Smokey Nagata

      He became Ron - Bloody hell Harry

    26. unstbl

      In my ragion its 339

    27. MD NAZIR

      Oneplus nord CE reviews on Amazon are very bad. Why? Does it hangs? Or heating issues? Why many peoples have given negative reviews for this phone? Are all those issues now fixed via updates? Or still same issue after update?

    28. E R I C S E R

      Actually now we're hearing the original sound of arun😂

    29. Itz_Liam

      Its my birthday tomorrow and if i get 300 you best believe imma cop myself a oneplus nord ce 5g

    30. subhra bal

      Could you suggest the best non Chinese brand smartphone within a budget of 300-400 euros.

    31. Mahbuba khan


    32. Jesoo Lol

      0:54 lmao 😂

    33. Achit

      Hi Dear Brother, I have Purchased Oneplus Nord CE last week, I'm Completely disappointed with Camera, it's too worst camera from Oneplus

    34. Kaneki Ken

      One plus is killing it.

    35. Chidambaram A.

      Hey, can you please compare the nord ce vs the realme x7 max? They come under nearly same price range.

    36. Gabriel Vareberg

      BLooDy HelL

    37. Jeff

      One plus: We call it midrange killer *Poco F3 exist* Are you challenging me

    38. Jason Weston

      his voice is real😹😹

    39. Gabbster

      Could i get one too 🛐

    40. Gabbster

      Nice phone

    41. Soham Singh

      I am literally on Nord CE , It disconnects from 5GHz wifi randomly -_-

      1. crovelium

        that’s probably not the phone itself just the horrible implementation of 5g so far

    42. Avanish Sahil Kurakula

      Hence proved that Arun=mickey mouse......... 😂😂😂.......just joking


      0:54 arun sounded like that screaming goat XD

    44. lewis gillings

      Will you be doing a Nord 2 video?

    45. narendra irengbam

      You just reviewed a oneplus budget phone while on a flying plane high above the ground. Can this get any more cool? Not even reviewing a high end expensive phone but a budget one with this much craziness. And then you got into a Lamborghini to keep things even more crazy.


      In your opinion is better to buy this phone or Oneplus Nord

    47. 🔥LynnAllTheWay🔥

      what phone do you use tho🤔please answer🥺

    48. Muhammad Emon

      Sir Unbox Therapy means I want to tell you something about Lewis.

    49. Tenzin Choekyap

      PLZZ do the OnePlus Nord 2 review

    50. Tech Duo

      Do giveaway

    51. Nice person

      If this guy does a collab with Marques Brownlee then the tech companies’ production will halt completely

    52. Almas Khan

      sir big fan plz give me one phone

    53. Cuenta Eliminada

      This video is an insult to his new video about how phone brands control unboxing videos and reviews

    54. Avara Querraba

      Sellout 🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭

    55. YOWAI

      Mickey Mouse

    56. Daniel Prathipati

      No SD card and stereo speakers upset this

    57. Daniel Prathipati

      Must be with sd card

    58. Steven Taylor

      I love oneplus but I would love to see all they're phone be water proof

    59. Stormz0r

      Can we please stop talking about headphone jacks? Only boomers use headphone jacks still

    60. Kassance

      This was such a dynamic video and really cool to watch. I love the way you cut between the different scenes and everything. Just a really really cool video

    61. Tyler Reynolds

      Samsung has flagship phones owns and sells their screens, builds and sells their chip still more expensive phone. But love my Note20 Ultra

    62. Sandu Zmeu

      2:18 Maaaariiiooo🇮🇹🍄👷‍♂️

    63. Badarikrishnan K

      1:19 That "Oh my gosh"🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 man he is an absolute Legend!!!!!!!!!!!


      Bro, my budget is 25-28k, I was planning to get 12,256 variant but in confusion to go with Nord CE or Realme X7 Max since both in similar price range around 28k... I don't do much gaming but much my purpose includes streaming hd content and photography and just want no lag issues when I switch between multiple apps. Secondly, I am now using Mi Note 5 with which I was really frustrated by ads and bloatware so just wanna get rid of it with my new phone. Please suggest me which of these suits for my purpose or more likely which one would be bang for the bucks I would spend.

    65. SNES Yay!

      oneplus is gaining some good momentum from it's nord series and now I wonder if this has something to do with that XD

    66. make1me

      Hey @Mrwhosetheboss could you review this new phone called Carbon mobile mk2 ? Like the comment if anyone wants to see that happen :)

    67. Zadge Jeetmon

      “2:12 and 3:11” ultimate British moment

    68. Luka Pajic

      Just buy xiaomi redmi note 8 pro barely better for less money


      WELTON company phone review bro

    70. stup

      alt title: arun screams around a plane

    71. V. Narayanan

      It’s competitor from the same group company. Realme X7 Max

    72. Sulaiman

      When he says "bloody hell", he sound like the religious grandma at the church

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      2. Marcia Palmer

        Letton Deb

      3. Marcia Palmer

        Facebook 👇👇👇

      4. Jaime Greer

        Any medium i can reach her. I want to get started already?

      5. Jaime Greer

        Yes sure

    74. impinkiepi uwu

      He's holding onto that phone for dear life

    75. Mobeek

      So... buying a more expensive phone give you less options and less versatility?! and take makes sense....?!

    76. V1N23

      OnePlus Nord Combat Evolved

    77. gapl44

      its weird that phones having a headphone jack are making them stand out more, like shouldnt all phones have a headphone jack?

    78. Floofy Introvert

      He sounds like r2d2

    79. Srihari Ravi

      3:03 how did you keep the phone from falling off....

    80. Rider Adi

      Still I don't like that any more! Why I don't know 😅😂

    81. Nobo Jerry

      0:17 love those headphones

    82. Waleed Aslam

      Safe to say your content has changed a lot since the old days (I was pleasantly surprised by this video)

    83. Franklin Nwakamma

      Can't believe I never watched this

    84. Dominykas Žilys

      I didn't know he can turn in to mario

    85. Hypre

      i'm so suprised that you did not include the plane or the lambo in the thumbnail. what a clickbait!

    86. Mads Akash

      Why the hell these companies still make phones with holes in the screen?? Im rocking my One plus 7 pro for years and quite disappointing to see modern phones nowadays

    87. Treaken

      this man likes demoman lul

    88. Daryll Aguilar

      Can i have that my phone is broken can't afford to buy a new one

    89. Abhinav Desai

      OnePlus Nord CE 5g : The CHEAP edition

      1. R.B

        Its the cheapest oneplus so ironically yes it is the cheap edition lol

    90. TheOnlySoham

      nice review i just ordered the ce coz the og nord was out of stock unofortunately really hope this is as good as that

    91. Tristan Johnson

      This is the a71 but cheaper pretty much

    92. George Ruben Smith

      if i am not wrong... that car should be Arun's and he just doesn't want to disclose it... any one else think that way

    93. Cheems

      20%: phone review 40%: scream

    94. Cheems

      0:54 how my mother screams when she sees a lizard.

    95. Flavio Bos

      Explain me that: two humans in a jet... and then elbow instead of shanking hands... is this the normal that you all want to live in? Seriously?

    96. Luke Harp

      Mickey mouse possessed him during those flips :V

    97. Naveli Gilvinci

      Mickey/elmo unboxes the new one plus haha love the vid ...always quality

    98. StrongSemps

      is this phone coming to the us

    99. Black Fire

      I like how he says bloody hell😂

    100. short simple

      Probably wrost phone of OnePlus is this Nord ce

      1. R.B

        Why tho