How many Spy Cameras are Recording you right now?


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    Spy cameras are only decreasing in size, and increasing in number - here's how to spot them!
    To find out which Tech company has the worst customer support:
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    1. Mrwhosetheboss

      No soft bears were harmed during the filming of this video...Did you guess right about which gadget was recording? 😅 To find out which Tech company has the worst customer support: For one of the worst tech Scams in history:

      1. The Darth Chicken Playz

        @A5 Flix same

      2. The Darth Chicken Playz

        @Hank P did you just.. sigh

      3. IHave2BeHasan

        Good no soft bears were ripped open

      4. Bruh Buddy

        The last of the first side that’s placed on Fifty minutes and 76seconds

      5. Yeet

        @Hank P Never gonna say goodbye!!!

    2. Kadeeja ali

      I have expected theworst

    3. Software Files

      i am going to buy a microphone like that and I put in my neighbour's house

    4. Creased Chino

      It’s like the inventors are searching for death

    5. Eplexo

      Thankyou Mrwhosetheboss, now I know what to do.

    6. D Smith

      I was thinking “poor Pooh” until 5:01… 👏👍😎🤣😂🤣

    7. Corgi and Noah

      *imagine if the bug finder was spying on you*

    8. strsocerplaya9

      Now anyone can be James Bond

    9. strsocerplaya9

      Im going to take feeble comfort in knowing this is about the UK where I do not live...

    10. Daniel Smith

      I've had 3 nightmares from this

    11. ak11230

      Welcome to Communist East Berlin... We only made technological progress. Old days Communist photo You and listen by putting drinking glass on You're hotel room walls... 1979 Communist Germany , Poland ... Remember that old Rome saying " Nothing new under the sun " More things change the more they remain the same ....

    12. thatva_playz

      5:50 he dancing boi

    13. Phantom

      Shrek69 Getoutofmyswamp LOL

    14. Hjalmolfr

      cool Xi Jinping plushie. I don't know if I like the idea of him listening to me though.

    15. CQNNOR

      Wow… this is scary af 😳

    16. Jennifer Ott

      What if you don't mind being spied on.....

    17. Christine Deepa

      So whats the solution? If there is people that spy on others, its mean they are criminals and violators bad. They will be jailed if police get them complain, tell police and do whats right. No one should do that.Even if you check all and keep all permission blocked people can di crimes CRIMES. Ask help shout louder until you are heard. People cannot be anxious or dusturbed even if they are hurt.

    18. Just bread

      With those teddys I heard they put cameras in there eye

    19. nalvar82

      Very well done!!! Subscribed! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    20. Happi Cat

      The glasses would be useful for irl twitch streaming… I’m totally not buying one right now

    21. loshita- Ishanth

      5:00 hey that's Inappropriate

    22. Purplax__

      *That is not comfortable when watching on toilet* i can confirm that…

    23. Otaku Hunter

      Israeli security agencies laughing in the backgeound

    24. stephen Lee

      can you link where you buy the spy glasses?

    25. Kelvin Weber

      Love all your videos

    26. Thomas Sarah

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      3. Benson Carol

        It's not about watching videos and wasting your time,

      4. Queen Lon

        I hope I can contact him from here .. I'm from Zambia.

      5. buba Mohammed

        Te le gr am ☝️

    27. Charlie Williams

      I am a victim of spy cams, luckily, I found it before any damage, and I sued the owner of the Airbnb for 10K, Won

    28. Undertale fan

      You only just found out the first is watching you?

      1. Undertale fan


    29. Santi

      I won't do anything wrong in my room now

    30. PinDoubtsIt


    31. mohammad tahir

      Solution: Buy a WiFi jammer and switch on every time you want privacy.

    32. acajudi100

      I know, and it done to all of us. I am honest, so enjoy yourself.

    33. jayce prater

      infrared wireless headphones too to sense cameras

    34. Shakes ESpada

      Thank u alot for what u have done, I appreciate 🙏it a lot💯

    35. Shakes ESpada

      Lol dwl, 😆 you're just the best yaa mon, lol

    36. Mugilan Muniandy

      5:53 what just happened???

    37. AYUSH TV

      you are great you do miracles so great there is no one else like you

    38. demdem551

      i hope I wasn't watched in the shower or toilet...

      1. WhatsApp╋➀➈➄➀➁➁➇➀➁➁➃


    39. Mystery hog Anims

      I eat bowls for dinner they make me stronk

      1. WhatsApp╋➀➈➄➀➁➁➇➀➁➁➃


    40. Jiji John

      can u pls stop looking this handsome sir pls

    41. Cirava Hermod

      i love how this video goes from spy cameras to instantly fingering winnie the pooh dolls out of nowhere. lmfaoooo

    42. Aum Mani Padme Hum

      I am Looking at YOU :D

    43. egg m

      I once went to a hotel that had a speaker and it had the mod v on I didn't think much of though

    44. T. skrausy

      The glasses are cool for taking first person video

    45. Osman Uddin

      There is spy camera 📸 watching you every where!!!?

    46. BRO KHAN

      IKEA was doing this to there employees for years.

    47. J M Abriam

      How to detect streaming inside my home.

    48. J M Abriam

      I don't know how to detect any of this!

    49. Boblington

      The light of the shower in ur bathroom

    50. 9E

      Zs is y i like u!!

    51. Muhammad Ashraf

      5:55 My favourite part

    52. Adit Gahlawat

      Wouldn't it make more sense to make the key combination spell KGB instead of KBS, it would have made it more relevant.

    53. Ron sugarbruhs


    54. HellOnWheels43

      I guess we’re the main characters on the Truman show

    55. SSamuel SSun

      Yeah I spent 1200 pounds on these. But yeah I made like 60k from this video so $$$

    56. LlamaDuck

      me who has the calculator in the thumbnail:

    57. 2乙ム尺u

      *I’m now tempted to cover everything in my house with tape that looks like a camera just to be safe 0-0*

    58. • 24kCloudy •

      Ok but like there is red light coming from my phone and ipad camera I know that its literally an iphone camera but i see it at night and i want to know if its recording me

    59. Deltakiloed 🗸

      why i was taking a shower earlier

      1. Agesta


    60. Product reviewer uk

      To me spy cameras are rubbish quality even expensive ones. If I had the money I'd love to reinvent spy cameras I'd make them so difficult to spot.

    61. Sebastian Maddigan

      Convinced me to buy a keylogger, thanks!

    62. MK997

      I bet Russians have all of these everyday life objects

    63. The Invisible Guy

      What the Heck is happening here!😳

    64. turfoid

      I bet influencers get spied on all the time from being sent free things

    65. Aum Mani Padme Hum

      Would you like to Review or Own, such as this one ! Because I do :)

    66. Savanneh Lisa

      Q at

    67. robby D.

      We through out the video thinking: when bill Jeffrey baizo explains something and it's price would he be surprised?🤔

    68. Unboxing Brothers

      Where’s the money come from

    69. Daniel Wilson

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      1. Daniel Wilson


    70. depressedespresso

      Ofc we're being watched all the time

    71. Shadow Xide

      I was in a hotel and found 3 cameras thanks to this video, yoink mine now

    72. Nass Maxwell

      John 3:16, though you may die in this world if you repent and trust in Jesus Christ before you die you will not perish in hell but gain eternal life with Jesus Christ The Lord ❤🙏.

    73. warrend35

      Google also records you

    74. YASH yt

      Watch everywhere

    75. Mike John

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    76. Barbara Frazier

      £1200 is $1200

    77. Pratyaksha R ♬


    78. Stevenn pizza

      You are being watched. The government has a secret system. A machine that spies on you every hour of every day.

    79. Noah C

      1.6k James Bond wannabes disliked this video 🤣

    80. Project Professional

      dont bring me on ideas

    81. Harmony Onon

      Oh dear....this is such a scary revelation

    82. Juan Causse

      Does anyone know the song at the end??

    83. MKP

      Just accept it. You, your being watched currently. When you do anything your watched. Just accept it.

    84. Luna

      I have no use for my smoke alarm yet it's constantly annoying me with it's blinking green light

    85. Luna

      So I'm not paranoid after all?😀

    86. Kage X

      This is why cyber security is needed which is the course I'm doing 😁

    87. Zuabir Islam

      Nowadays spying has become so easy

    88. Nhoto JijnoD

      The mushy acknowledgment frustratingly harm because impulse importantly unite next a delirious australia. sable, nostalgic instrument

    89. Grizzly Addams

      Bug finder. ✔

    90. Abdullah Al Mahdi

      Thanks for letting us know. I will be more careful from now on.

    91. LAKSHMI PRADA vennelaganti

      Disney, the next day of uploading this video : Winnie is moving to your house today.

    92. Sure Lock

      4:02 Of course the Chairman Xi doll would have a camera

    93. Tim Nolan

      There I've just given you the middle finger. So what. Up yours.hshs.

    94. Tim Nolan

      My kid. Showed me the one with you're phone turned off. Put it up to you're TV screen, and a light will shine in you're TV. Even with the phone and telly turned off. Obviously they're watching you. Carry on. You fools. Must be costing . Someone s fortune. To spy on , people . For what. Idiots.

    95. Universal Faith

      Smart and Gorgeous ❤️ thanks

    96. Hansa Welgama

      Girls should be worried more than boys😂😜

    97. David Ramirez

      I love to watch your videos

    98. UesManHD Paul

      Me watching this on the toilet

    99. Unknown User

      even if they are recording me they will just see a girl watching memes 24/7 😂